Estela Ene

Associate Professor of English, Director of the English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP), Director of the MA and Certificate Program in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI

Internationalized Courses:

Academic English Reading: Perspectives on Culture/Society

Principles of Composition EAP

Reading, Writing & Inquiry I, EAP

Curriculum Internationalization Effort

At the institutional and professional level, I passionately promote the value of multiculturalism through active involvement in faculty development and in internationalizing the learning experience for our students, both international and domestic.

With regard to curriculum internationalization, we explore connections between language, culture, and worldviews. We consider the U.S. in a global context when we examine world Englishes, social and ethnic dialects, and language and power in society, both in the classroom and through service-learning activities. For the latter, international students experience community engagement in Indianapolis through visits to food banks, refugee camps, and other community organizations.

In 2010, I developed an online English Composition course for 2+2-degree programs between IUPUI and international strategic partner universities. In 2017, I began implementing the model of cross- or multicultural composition (in collaboration with Writing Program instructor Mary Ann Cohen). Made up of 2/3 international students and 1/3 domestic students, this combined course entitled ‘Reading, Writing and Inquiry’ focuses on global issues. The students engage in classroom discussions as well as write peer reviews to further their understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures and viewpoints.

“We live in a multicultural, globalized world in which we engage across cultures, locally and globally, more than ever. As individuals, societies, and educational systems, we share the responsibility to understand and promote multiculturalism. I place it at the core of my teaching, research, and service.”

Dr. Estela Ene

Benefit to the Students:

As mentioned above, for one of our EAP classes, ‘Academic English Reading: Perspectives on Culture/Society’, which focuses on reading at the high intermediate level, we incorporate a service-learning component into the curriculum. The combination of curricular and co-curricular activities provides impactful opportunities for global learning that have not only provided many students a glimpse into “real” life in the U.S. but for many, it is a transformational experience that goes far beyond learning English.

“I believe that in and out of the classroom, Professor Ene has demonstrated her commitment to multiculturalism, diversity, international students, and cultural competency. This is seen in her continued efforts with future educators as well as current faculty and staff. I am proud to be a part of her efforts and am grateful for the cultural values she has instilled within me.”

Jeā€™Nobia Smith, MA in TESOL graduate, IUPUI Diversity Fellow, member of the CoP on Intercultural Learning

Benefit to the Faculty Member:

I enjoy facilitating and witnessing the personal growth individuals experience when exposed to globally minded materials and approaches. Internationalizing curriculum is a fun intellectual challenge. With every student and faculty member who becomes more globally-oriented and interculturally competent, campus life – our life – improves. I hope that the presentations and publications I developed based on my work inform and inspire others at IUPUI and other institutions to promote curriculum internationalization and intercultural competence.

Dr. Ene is also co-chair of the Intercultural Learning Community of Practice. Click here for more information. To see her publications, click here.