Support Our Global Impact

Give NowThe Office of International Affairs supports IUPUI's international community through its work, staffing, and funding. With your help, IUPUI can ensure that deserving international students have the opportunity to thrive on campus, that everyone has access to global learning, and all can take part in our international world.

Currently we are highlighting four funds:

IUPUI International Student Scholarship Fund

Gifts will support undergraduate and graduate scholarships to international students. Specific requirements must be met for students to receive funding, both merit and need. 

"Knowing that the school will always be there for us students, especially during the difficult times like now, truly gives us strength and courage to continue pursuing our dreams."International Student Scholarship Fund Emergency Funding Recipient

IUPUI Study Abroad Scholarship

Gifts will support scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students who are participating in an IUPUI-approved study abroad program.

IUPUI International House (I-House)

Gifts will support the residential housing community, International House (I-House), at IUPUI.

IUPUI Office of International Affairs

Gifts will support the Office of International Affairs at IUPUI in a general fund, donated without restrictions.