Dimensions of Global Learning

IUPUI Dimensions of Global Learning
Developing Global Mindsets for all IUPUI Students

The IUPUI Dimensions of Global Learning are designed as a tool for faculty, staff, and administrators to help them develop more intentionally global and intercultural learning experiences across the curriculum and co-curriculum.

The IUPUI Dimensions of Global Learning represent a vital step in achieving IUPUI’s goal to:

Develop curricular and co-curricular activities that enable all IUPUI students to have at least one substantial global learning experience during their IUPUI career, either internationally or locally.

With a global mindset, IUPUI students will be able to:

  1. Analyze their own beliefs, values, assumptions, experiences, and/or communication styles in respect to those of at least one other culture.

  2. Practice intercultural communication with the intent of cultivating respectful and productive collaboration, dialogue, and engagement with others.

  3. Demonstrate understanding of the workings of other nations, cultures, and/or the geopolitical processes and systems that connect the world.

  4. Explain the global, international, and/or cultural dimensions of their disciplines, professions, and/or educational interests.

  5. Summarize the consequences of policies, global systems, and/or historical trends for people as well as how people the world over impact these processes.

  6. Incorporate diverse perspectives and sources of knowledge to analyze, evaluate, and/or address contemporary and historical global problems.

  7. Apply learning from internationalized experiences in the communities and contexts in which they live, work, learn, and/or serve.

  8. Use ethical and inclusive frameworks to inform decision-making, cross-cultural teamwork, and/or solutions to global and local problems and inequities.
Drafted by a campus-wide group of faculty and staff. Finalized (2/27) and endorsed by the IUPUI Faculty Council (3/3) and the Division of Student Affairs (4/2) Spring 2020