Grants for Faculty & Staff

Funding for Faculty and Staff

OIA is pleased to offer a number of grants to IUPUI, IUPUC, and IUFW faculty and staff to advance campus priorities around international education for 2020-2021. We are currently sponsoring the three following grant programs, and strongly encourage you to apply.

The Award period for 2020-21 is now closed.

The next cycle of applications opens in Summer 2021.

Virtual Exchange Fellows Program

Virtual exchange at IUPUI is a valuable strategy for facilitating global learning. It involves connecting educators and students from around the world through technology for high impact global learning experiences. This program is designed to create a cohort of IUPUI, IUPUC, and IUFW faculty and staff who are prepared to use virtual exchange to facilitate global learning in curricular and co-curricular activities. This cohort will engage in professional development, form an instructional support system, implement a virtual exchange program in their course or student development program, and be part of a growing network that supports the advancement of virtual exchange at IUPUI.

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Sustainable Development Goals Grant Program

The Office of International Affairs is pursuing a new strategy of campus internationalization around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs). OIA is encouraging faculty and staff at IUPUI to also commit to this agenda for making the world a better place by advancing scholarship, teaching, and engagment that actively pursues the SDG framework within local and global contexts. These SDG grants provide exploratory research, community engagement, and curricular development funding for IUPUI, IUPUC, and IUFW faculty and staff to contribute to one or more of the SDGs through their research, service or teaching. As always, we place strong emphasis on local community engagement, international partnerships and conversations, and interdisciplinary collaborations in this grant program and welcome all proposals.

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Study Abroad Innovation Grant

IUPUI and the Office of International Affairs are committed to providing students with meaningful study abroad experiences that facilitate rich global learning and expose them to the complexities of the world. While much progress has been made in the last decade to make study abroad available for all students and to explore the impact study abroad programs have on students, host communities, and the larger world we recognize there is more work to be done. The IUPUI Study Abroad Innovation Grants are designed to support creativity in enhancing study abroad at IUPUI, IUPUC, and IUFW and provide as many students as possible with a deep learning opportunity abroad. Two categories of funding, Broad Scope and Multiple Engaged Learning Experiences grants, are available.

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OIA also supports faculty through Federal grant programs, such as Fulbright and the Diplomacy Lab.

Grants from OVPIA

In addition to the grants listed above, IUPUI faculty are eligible for grants funded through the Office of the Vice Presdient for International Affairs (OVPIA). These grants can be used to conduct research, cover costs of international travel, professional development, and more.

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