Curriculum Internationalization in Action at IUPUI

Curriculum Internationalization Faculty Profiles

Curriculum Internationalization in Action is an initiative of the Office of International Affairs (OIA) which aims to recognize outstanding faculty on campus who are actively and regularly integrating global perspectives into their courses. Through intentional efforts to incorporate “international, intercultural, and/or global dimension[s] into the content of the curriculum as well as the learning outcomes, assessment tasks, teaching methods, and support services,” (Leask, 2015)  featured faculty are facilitating learning experiences that will prepare IUPUI graduates to function well in the globally interdependent world of the 21st century.

Below are profiles of IUPUI faculty who have been identified as leaders in curriculum internationalization. Should you or another faculty member you know be featured on this page? We invite you to let us know! Please fill out a nomination form below or email Leslie Bozeman, Director of Curriculum Internationalization, directly at

To recommend a faculty member to be recognized for internationalizing a course, please write to Leslie Bozeman, Director of Curriculum Internationalization.