Immigration Bridge Program

For students: Helping to navigate the international hiring process

If you have a solid job opportunity in the United States, but your prospective employer is hesitant about the work visa process, the IUPUI Immigration Bridge Program can help you get to an offer—even with companies that don’t typically sponsor students with U.S. work authorization needs. 

IUPUI Immigration Bridge is a proactive partnership between IUPUI and top immigration law firm, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP to assist students with work visa needs by streamlining the visa process for potential employers. While the IUPUI Bridge Program does not guarantee a visa sponsorship, a work visa, or employment, it does improve the situation for students with U.S. work authorization needs being recruited both on and off campus.

How it works:

If you are a student and need U.S. work authrorization during the offer phase with an employer, you should start the IUPUI Immigration Bridge Program application:

  1. You must speak with the company/organization that wishes to sponsor you before  completing the IUPUI Immigration Bridge Program  eForm located in your iStart Programs and Events menu.
  2. Once you have submitted contact information for your employer, OIA will confirm that they wish to receive information regarding work visa sponsorship.
  3. Fragoment will contact your employer with a questionnaire and information.

The visa process can take several months depending on Federal Government timetables with no guarantee of securing a work visa. Employers should cover the costs of a work visa sponsorship.

When to Start:

Begin completing the IUPUI Immigration Bridge Program eForm once you have confirmed with your employer that they wish to sponsor you for a work visa.