Immigration Bridge Program

For employers: Helping to navigate the international hiring process

Don't let H-1B or other work visa concerns prevent you from hiring strong international candidates for your U.S. jobs - the IUPUI Immigration Bridge Program helps you navigate this complex visa process to make excellent international hires. 

IUPUI Immigration Bridge is a proactive partnership between IUPUI and top immigration law firm, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP, which provides outside legal counsel. This partnership helps you:

  1. Navigate the complex world of visa types, eligibility, and application processes.
  2. Hire excellent candidates regardless of their immigration status.
  3. Lock in lower legal fees while offering the highest-quality legal services.

While using the IUPUI Bridge Program and Fragomen's services offers no guarantee, it can increase candidates' chances of receiving an H1-B (or other work visa) and becomng an excellent hire. 

How it works:

Graduating IUPUI international students you interview/employ (on OPT) will have access to the IUPUI Immigration Bridge Program. The student will complete a brief eForm with the IUPUI Office of International Affairs (OIA), which will then send a confirmation email to you. With your permission, OIA will send your details to Fragomen law firm who will contact you about how to begin the process. 

Signing up for the IUPUI Immigration Bridge Program and receiving information from Fragomen does not put you under any obligation to sign a contract with Fragomen or to follow through on filing the H1-B petition or work sponsorship. This program is purely a mechanism for you (the employer) to gather information and perhaps take advantage of reduced legal rates.

The visa process can take several months depending on Federal Government timetables with no guarantee of securing a work visa. Employers will cover the costs of a work visa sponsorship.

When to Start:

After you complete the first round of interviews and have a strong interest in hiring an international student, you can begin working with Fragomen to help with sponsorship. Likewise, if you employ a student currently on Optional Practical Training (OPT), you can begin the process of sponsorship with your student-employee.