Required H-1B documentation

For new or amended H-1B employment the hiring unit liaison provides the following documentation to International Affairs:

  1. Check payable to the Department of Homeland Security in the amount of USD $460 (all petitions).

    If the employee/scholar is new to IUPUI and does not have a university ID, initiate an add a new person e-doc to obtain the ID number.

    Check payable to the Department of Homeland Security in the amount of USD $500.
    (This fee is required for employees who are new to IU and continuing employees changing from another status to H-1B, but not for extensions or amendments for continuing H-1B employees.)

    Premium processing cases only: check payable to the Department of Homeland Security in the amount of USD $2805.

    Checks cannot be combined. They must be payable by a U.S. bank. See H1B instructions for requesting a check.

    • See H1B Fee Information. Please note the department must supply a paper check. OIA cannot produce a check from the department account.

    • Two USD $460 checks and two USD $500 checks are required for a dual petition for a clinical faculty working at IU and the department private practice group.

  2. Statement on departmental letterhead (can be uploaded in Atlas system while completing the electronic H-1B request form or at any time in the process)

    • Identifying duties and responsibilities the H-1B employee will perform,

    • minimum degree requirements of the position, and

    • a discussion of how the prospective employee's education, training, and experience qualify him/her for the position.

See sample position description statement.

   3.  Offer of employment identifying job title, salary, and period of employment (the period of employment should match the period requested on the "IUPUI H-1B Information About the University Position" E-form. This letter can be uploaded in iStart.Curriculum vitae, including list of publications and presentations (upload in iStart)).

   4.  Documentation of highest academic degree (usually a copy of the official diploma). If document is not in English, also include a translation certified as in sample translator's statement with copies of the original language document (documents need not be originals). If diploma does not indicate the field of study, attach a copy of transcript (upload in Atlas). Please note if your educational credentials (highest degree) is not from the U.S. we recommend that you obtain a document by document credentials evaluation from a reputable credentials evaluation service.  We recommend that you have all of your foreign postsecondary diplomas evaluated.  Please provide us with the final evaluation and a copy of all of the documents that were evaluated (with English translation if necessary).  We need a scanned copy of the credentials evaluation; you can keep the original.

   5.  Copy of passport pages showing biographical data and expiration date of passport (upload in Atlas).

  • If the applicant is already in the U.S., the following documents are also required

    1. Copy of front and back of I-94 (white card in passport) (upload in Atlas).

    2. Documents verifying current immigration status (upload in Atlas):

      1. If in F-1 status, copy of I-20 and practical training authorization (EAD), if applicable.

      2. If in J-1 status, copies of all DS-2019's; if applicable, USCIS I-612 waiver Approval Notice.

      3. If in H-1B status, all previous H-1B approval notices (Form I-797) and two or three recent paystubs verifying continued employment with current H-1B employer.

      4. If in F-2, J-2, or H-4 dependent status, copies of spouse's visa documentation and proof of family relationship, if principal alien's name does not appear on dependent's visa page.

    3. If previously in an employment position related to a non-immigrant visa status such as H-1B or J-1, copies of the last 3 months of pay advice. 

  • If the applicant is a physician to be involved in patient care, the following documentation is also required

    1. License to practice medicine in the State of Indiana (upload in Atlas).

    2. Evidence that the physician is a graduate of a medical school in the U.S. or a foreign country (Copy of diploma used for #4 is generally sufficient) (upload in Atlas),
      Full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a foreign country.

    3. If the physician is not a graduate of a U.S. medical school, the following documentation is also required:

      • Evidence that the physician has passed all parts of the FLEX, NBME, or USMLE certifying examinations.

      • Evidence that the physician has passed the ECFMG English language proficiency test.
        Diploma from accredited Canadian medical school.

    4. If the employee has dependents please refer to the Dependents Page.

Other Health Care Occupations

If the position offered is in a healthcare occupation, such as a medical technologist or a clinical lab specialist, the employee may be required to provide an Alien Health Care Worker Certification from a credentialing organization. OIA can help you determine whether the certification will be required. Research technicians (RS07) doing bench research do not require this certification.

In addition to certification, the appropriate Indiana State license must be provided. If a license is not required, the department must obtain a letter from the State Health Profession Bureau stating that a license for this occupation is not required in Indiana.

Caution: The Alien Health Care Worker Certification process can take 6-12 months. If certification is required and the prospective employee is not already certified, the hiring department may find it necessary to rescind the offer of employment.