Insurance for Students

Student Health Insurance Requirements

All IUPUI international students in F or J status along with their dependents are required to have health insurance for their entire stay in the United States. We will enroll all students in the IU Interanational Plan and bill the bursar account for the cost.   

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the IU International Plan was provided through Aetna Student Health. We have transitioned to Anthem/AHP as IUPUI's provider of the IU International insurance plan for the 2019-20 academic year. 

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New students will be automatically enrolled in the IU International Plan at the beginning of their first semester at IUPUI. Continuing students will be automatically re-enrolled every semester to ensure continuous coverage. Dates of insurance coverage are August 1 - December 31 for fall semesters and January 1 - July 31 for spring semesters. The insurance premium for each semester is listed below and will be charged to the student's bursar bill.

2019-20 Academic Year 

Fall 2019                                     
$636 fee (billed in September)
Spring & Summer 2020    
$888 fee (billed in February)


Exemptions from mandatory insurance enrollment 

Beginning in the Fall 2019 semester, all IUPUI international students will be automatically enrolled in the IU International insurance plan.  It is important to avoid purchasing health insurance from other companies for the 2019-2020 academic year. Limited exemptions will apply for students in the following, qualifying situations.

Students who qualify for an AUTOMATIC insurance exemption

The following students will be automatically exempt from mandatory enrollment in the IU International Plan (will not be enrolled or charged):

  • Graduate students who have insurance provided through their Student Academic Appointment or Fellowship.
  • Students sponsored by one of the government agencies listed below who have a valid financial guarantee on file with the Office of International Affairs (uploaded in Atlas):

Abu Dhabi Police Scholarship Program
Kuwait Embassy
Oman Embassy
Qatar Embassy
Qatar Higher Education Institute
UAE Embassy
UAE Military Attache


Students who can REQUEST an insurance exemption 

Students in the following categories may submit an Insurance Exemption Request in Atlas no later than September 5, 2019, to determine whether they qualify for an exemption of the mandatory insurance enrollment policy:

  • J-1 exchange students 
  • Students eligible for insurance coverage through a parent's or spouse's U.S.-based employer
  • Students working in the U.S. on CPT or OPT who are eligible for insurance coverage through their employer


Insurance for Dependents

You may also purchase health insurance through IUPUI for your dependents. You must fill out an application form and pay separately for dependent insurance; only students are enrolled automatically.  Insurance for dependent family members cannot be billed to your bursar account. After your own enrollment as the primary student is confirmed, you may apply to add your dependents to your insurance policy.

Access dependent enrollment application form and instructions here: 


Contacts for insurance related questions

IU Human Resources Student Insurance Specialist: Insurance plan information
Telephone: 812-856-4650 

Office of International Affairs: Enrollment and billing 
Telephone: 317-274-7000 

2019-20 Athem Student Insurance Plans: Questions about using insurance and medical bills
Telephone: 1-855-422-3833


When will I get my insurance card?

IUPUI students will be automatically enrolled in the IU International Plan once registered for classes. You can print a  copy of your insurance card within 1-2 days of being enrolled. You should receive an insurance card in the mail approxmiately 2-3 weeks after you are enrolled. Your card will be sent to the local address you provide in One.IU.  You can find instructions to update your address here

Access your online IU International Plan account (through Anthem/AHP) here: 


Can I print a temporary copy of my card before the original card arrives in the mail?

Yes. You can print a temporary insurance card from AHP's website once you have been enrolled in the plan. 

  1. Visit to complete the registration process and access your AHP online account.
  2. Once you log in, you can print an Insurance Coverage Letter (temporary card) to verify that you have valid insurance coverage and schedule appointments until you have an official copy of your insurance card. Be sure to note your Anthem/AHP member ID, which will be available in your AHP portal.
  3. Within approximately 5 days after being enrolled, your official insurance card should be available to download/print through the Anthem website: You will need your Anthem/AHP member ID in order to register and access your insurance card. 
Anthem will also mail a printed card within 2-3 weeks of enrollment to students who provide a valid mailing address.


Can I go to the doctor before I get my insurance card in the mail?

Yes. You can download a copy of your insurance card from the AHP website within 1-2 days of being enrolled at Another option is to pay for your appointment at the doctor's office in full, then submit a reimbursement claim to Anthem.