IUPUI International Insurance Plan

IUPUI International Student and Scholar Health Insurance Plan

In the United States, health insurance is necessary to receive medical care at a more affordable rate. As an international student or scholar, you are required to have coverage  stay in the U.S. Having adequate health insurance ensures that you comply with visitor regulations, stay healthy, and protect yourself from unexpected medical costs.

IUPUI will enroll students in the IU International health insurance plan. Scholars can choose to purchase the same insurance or select another company as long as it meets certain requirements. Learn more about the IU International Plan


Contacts for insurance related questions

IU Human Resources Student Insurance Specialist: Insurance plan information
Telephone: 812-856-4650 
Email: studenhc@iu.edu  

Office of International Affairs: Enrollment and billing 
Telephone: 317-274-7000 
Email: iadvisor@iupui.edu 

2019-20 Athem Student Insurance Plans: Questions about using insurance and medical bills
Telephone: 1-855-422-3833
Email: support@ahpcare.com

What services does the 2019-20 IU International Plan provide?

  • Preventive Care

    This includes things like vaccinations and immunizations, annual physicals, and regular doctor appointments. Women are covered for annual well-women visits and contreceptives if desired.

  • Pre-existing condition coverage

    In the U.S. many cheaper plans do not provide coverage for any kind of pre-existing condition or sickness that you have been diagnosed with before. The IU International Plan will cover your medical costs, even if you have a continuing or already diagnosed medical condition.

  • Prescription Coverage

    The IU International Plan includes prescription coverage in their plan with no cost limit. It is common to ask your doctor to prescribe 'generic' or different brands if the brand of medication initially prescribed is either not covered by the IU International Plan or is very expensive.

  • Maternity care

    The IU International Plan covers maternity care regardless of when/where the baby was conceived. This covers qualifying expenses related to pre-natal care, delivery, complications, and the short period of time after the birth of your baby that it will take to add your child to your coverage.

  • Behavioral Health

    The IU International Plan covers counseling and disability testing as well as alcohol and drug related treatment.

  • Serious injuries or accidents

    The IU International Plan covers medical costs in the event that you have a serious injuries and accidents, such as a car accident.

  • Sports and athletics

    The IU International Plan covers injuries sustained while participating in most sports, including intramural or intercollegiate sports.

  • Physical therapy

    The IU International Plan includes coverage for short-term rehabilitation or physical therapy when it is prescribed by your doctor.

Does the 2019-20 IU International Plan come with any non-medical benefits?

Yes! Learn more about those additional benefits here