Volunteer to be a Speaker

Share your voice to increase global understanding

By volunteering in the Global Voices Speakers Program, you have an opportunity to:

  • Talk to an interested audience about your culture, religion, traditions, and other topics
  • Help break down stereotypes, misjudgments, and prejudices
  • Improve your public-speaking skills
  • Form relationships with people on campus and in the community
  • Contribute to a more open and accepting campus and city
  • Help prepare IUPUI students to be global citizens
  • Add meaningful experience to your resume

Whenever you speak at an event, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

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Discussion Format and Topics

Most sessions are carried out in a panel format with multiple speakers participating. Common topics include:

  • General country overviews, including culture, demographics, government, and economy 
  • Viewpoints on current or historical events
  • Your international experience and perspectives on U.S. culture and society
  • Etiquette and business practices across cultures

Some event host may request that you give a formal presentation, either alone or as a team. If so, you would have at least one month to prepare.

Matching Process

After we receive a presentation request, we identify the most appropriate volunteers and contact you. Some volunteers may be speak more frequently than others, because of factors such as nationality and availability. Volunteers are always free to decline an event for any reason. For example, there may be time conflicts, or volunteers may be uncomfortable with the proposed topic.

The event host will then be given your contact information and is responsible for contacting you to discuss and agree on the topic, format, expectations, and goals. Tell the event host about any preferences or restrictions you may have. For example, tell your event host if you are not comfortable discussing religion, but are happy  to talk about your country’s culture. You can withdraw from participation at any time and  are not obligated to participate in discussions about topics that make you feel uncomfortable.

Day of Event Instructions

Please arrive at least ten minutes early. The entire event may be structured around your participation, so you should be ready at the starting time.

If you have to cancel your participation, notify the event host and  as soon as possible.

You should represent your personal opinions. You are not expected to represent the opinions of your entire nation or cultural, ethnic, or religious community.