Faculty and Event Hosts

Integrate a global perspective into your curriculum or event

The Global Voices Speakers program can provide an international experience for students and community members without leaving Indianapolis.

Infusing your curriculum or event with international perspectives can enhance student learning and build cross-cultural engagement skills.

Request speakers for your event or class

Discussion Format and Topics

We recommend a panel format for most discussions, enabling multiple viewpoints to be represented. Some students may be willing to give a more formally structured presentation, either alone or with as a team.

Event organizers should request presentations at least a month in advance. Presentation topics often include: 

  • General country overviews, including culture, demographics, government, and economy 
  • Viewpoints on current or historical events
  • The international student experience and perspectives on U.S. culture and society
  • Etiquette and business practices across cultures

Matching Process

After we receive your request, we will identify the most appropriate volunteers and do our best to accommodate all requests. We will provide you with the volunteer’s contact details, and you are responsible for contacting the volunteer to discuss and agree on the topic, format, expectations, and goals.

Event host should propose goals and expectations that are appropriate for the volunteer’s abilities. We encourage you to talk with the speaker prior to the presentation about their preferences and potential restrictions. If the volunteer and the event host cannot agree on the event’s guidelines, volunteers can withdraw from participation. Volunteers are not obligated to participate in discussions about topics that make them feel uncomfortable.

Day of Event

Volunteers are informed to arrive at least 10 minutes before your session begins.

Should the session be canceled, please inform your volunteers and  as soon as you can.