Maintaining Status

J-1 visa holders must maintain certain U.S. Department of State guidelines in order to remain in the U.S. and continue their J-1 program at IUPUI. Please pay special attention to the following requirements.

Maintain continued employment in the offered position

A J-1 exchange visitor's research area, departmental location of program, dates of participation, and description of financial support is maintained in the U.S. government's SEVIS system by the Office of International Affairs (OIA). If there are changes in the position or its conditions including dates, location, research focus, or financial sponsorship offered, these should be conveyed to OIA scholar services staff so the scholar's J-1 status can be updated within SEVIS.

Change of Address

USCIS also requires OIA to keep the J-1 scholar's home address and work site address up to date in the SEVIS system.  If employed by IU, the scholar can update this in   If not employed, they can contact and inform us of the new address.

Maintain Health Insurance

All J-1 scholars must have sufficient health insurance for themselves and their dependents during their entire stay. Whether the scholar receives employee benefits or is enrolled in the international scholar insurance program, the department should work with OIA to facilitate enrollment in a health insurance program. 

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Travel Authorization

J-1 scholars must also follow prescribed USCIS procedures for international travel during their J-1 program including obtaining a travel signature from OIA scholar services staff prior to departure. OIA is also able to offer the scholar and dependents a letter to use in visa renewal.

Program Completion

Should the scholar complete the J-1 program early, or need to return to the home country and abandon the J-1 program, this should be communicated to OIA.