Our Plastic Ocean/ Our Clean Ocean

Along with the air we breathe, our oceans are essential to sustain life on our planet. "Our Plastic Ocean, Our Clean Ocean" explains ocean pollution and why we must urgently find solutions.

Connecting the arts, music, animation, and science, Our Plastic Ocean Our Clean Ocean is an international academic collaboration focused on the environmental crisis of plastics in the world's oceans. It primarily reflects the United Nations Foundation Sustainable Development Goal 14 “Life Below Water.”

Unique to the project is the creation of artistic works, informed by science, and designed to engage the imagination of young people in hands-on experiences to better understand the impact of human behavior on plastic pollution.

Collaborators from the U.S., Sweden, Greece, and Taiwan include faculty from Purdue School of Engineering and Technology IUPUI, University of Alaska Anchorage, Gothenburg International Organ Academy, IU School of Informatics and Computing, and IUPUI Office of International Affairs. A full range of initiatives includes a pop-up book, musical play, animation, and global conversations. Each unique media creation is accessible in print form, by Internet access, or on mobile devices.

View Mr. Bubbles, a short video

Saving Our Oceans: "Mr. Bubbles" - Making the World a Better Place with the SDGs

Albert William, faculty at the IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing, presented the work of IUPUI students in a 5-minute video as a part of the 2022 IUPUI International Festival - IUPUI SDG Day.

For sustained engagement, CourseNetworking’s innovative ePortfolio has been adapted to engage young people, students, adults, and university researchers globally with robust translation features for full accessibility.

Learn More about Our Plastic Ocean Our Clean Ocean www.thecn.com/SD14