Student Employee Appreciation Week

appreciation badgeOIA is so grateful to all our Student Employees!

Thank you to all the amazing students that help OIA make IUPUI a global campus!

National Student Employee Appreciation Week at IUPUI is April 11-15.

Below are all of our talented student employees with a few words about them from their supervisor.

  • Salem Al Khaddash
    Exchange Coordinator

    Salem comes to us with an excellent background for working with our sponsored and exchange students.  He will be a great addition to our team.  We are excited for him to get started!

  • Sabrin Alaklouk
    International Ambassador

    Sabrin is our expert on Saudi relations. From working intensively with Saudi application inquiries from her desk to becoming an essential part of our visits to PIE and ELS. We are proud of her dedication to helping students in every way she can.

  • Mariya Ali
    International Programming Assistant

    It is such a pleasure to work with Mariya.  She is always full of great ideas and her program management skills are top notch.  Mariya was recently selected as one of the Elite 50 Graduate Students at IUPUI! 

  • Stephanie Atallah
    Study Abroad Outreach Ambassador

    Stephanie hit the ground running when she joined our office in January and has made great progress in her role. She is a pro at working with faculty and staff and is a great advisor for students. We wish she could stay, but she is graduating and planning to go to law school where we’re sure she’ll continue to succeed.

  • Julianne Boyle
    Study Abroad Outreach Ambassador

    As a veteran Ambassador, Julianne has been indispensable in helping the program grow. She is ready to meet any challenge and has proved invaluable to STEM students who have a tougher time finding study abroad options. We’ll miss her next fall as she heads to the West Coast for National Student Exchange.

  • Vidhi Dave
    Admissions Assistant

    Vidhi has been a fantastic addition to our team here in Admissions—she is a data wizard, and she is very patient when explaining technical things to all of us, as well as when she has projects to work on for four or five people at once!  She has been a tremendous help in our efforts to develop user-friendly reports to support our daily work, for which we are very grateful.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Vidhi!

  • Ali DeChancie
    Front Desk Assistant

    Bringing a wealth of knowledge with her to the FD team, Ali is always helping us think long term and plan ahead. We are lucky to have her on our team!

  • Arish Dhingra
    Business Process Analyst

    Arish is energetic and consistent.  He has a good ability to research and follow technical problems and is resourceful in finding solutions.  He is quick, committed, and upbeat.  He is a true optimist always willing to learn and persist and do it all again tomorrow.

  • Daniel Di Martino
    Front Desk Assistant

    Bright and enthusiastic, Daniel is making the most of his first year here at IUPUI. With so much time ahead of him at IUPUI, he is surely destined for great things!

  • Sarah Grace Fraser
    International Scholar Assistant

    I will let Sarah Grace’s distinctions speak for themselves as she was awarded the Top IUPUI student of the Top 100.  Sarah Grace is wonderfully motivated inviting new experiences and always expanding her repertoire.  She has a great ability to sift through information and focus on the consequential.  She is able to hone written expression to demonstrate, influence, and persuade. 

  • Tania Gurdasani
    International Ambassador

    Tania has had the important job of communicating with our booming Indian population from Dubai. She has also done an amazing job in perfecting our social media posts with her writing skills and excellent content for our international audience.

  • Yujin Kim
    International Ambassador

    Yujin is Mrs. Speedy! No project is too difficult or too big for her! She has an infectious positive attitude that everyone at work enjoys. Her perseverance has allowed out team to complete large projects that were much needed.

  • Anish Mathur
    International Programming Assistant

    Anish jumped in quickly and keeps on going strong. He is always curious to learn and keeps the work fun. I have really relied on Anish to keep us on track with Welcome and Programming items and he has pulled through. Thanks Anish!

  • Susan Mertz
    International Mentor Coordinator

    Susan makes up a solid portion of the backbone of IPMP. She is incredibly capable and a true asset to the Services team. Susan always keeps us grounded and going strong. She has an incredible ability to take an idea and make it a reality. Which we truly value! I can always count on her to get the job done and do that job well. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  • Gabriela Molina
    Study Abroad Graduate Assistant

    As an international student who has studied abroad many times, Gabi is an experienced traveler who brings her life experiences and stories to her work with the office. Students planning to study abroad benefit from her knowledge and enthusiasm, as do we in the office.

  • Megan Smith
    Study Abroad Outreach Ambassador

    Megan’s enthusiasm and creativity are unmatched! Quick to catch on and take on new projects, Megan has been a great asset to our office. She is planning to rival Emily Potts’s unofficial title as the student who has studied abroad most as she will spend a semester in China next fall (her 4th study abroad experience as an undergrad).

  • Khoa Trinh
    International Programming Assistant

    Khoa makes up the second key portion of IPMP. He always keeps the IPMP team on their toes and does his best to be available and accessible to the mentors. Often, they look to him for guidance and he always delivers. The mentors see him as an integral part of the program and truly value his input- which says a lot about Khoa’s abilities and his commitment to the team. We will miss you next year!

  • Sonia Valdez
    Study Abroad Outreach Ambassador

    Sonia joined our office in January and caught on right off the bat. She is organized, efficient, and exceeds expectations with her responsibilities. She relates well to everyone she meets and does a great job engaging students.

  • Jon Weeks
    Front Desk Assistant

    From asking super insightful questions to helping visualize new solutions as problems arise, Jon is a steady and reliable presence on the FD team and a pleasure to work with!

  • Ashe West
    Study Abroad Outreach Ambassador

    Ashé has a clear passion for intercultural learning and uses it to inspire students. She will soon add another international experience to her repertoire when she heads to Costa Rica in the fall for student teaching. We’ll miss her but are glad she’ll make an impact on even more students while abroad.

  • Jacquee Williams
    Study Abroad Graduate Assistant

    Jacquee is our video, social media, marketing, and outreach guru! As she graduates in May, we will miss her skills, but even more, we’ll miss her bubbly persona, enthusiasm, and infectious laugh. She is destined for greatness in the fields of higher and international education.

  • Idalia Wilmoth
    Admissions Assistant

    Smart, courteous, funny, and diligent are just some of the words that describe Idalia. She is a hard working individual that has a drive to be the best. Her drive and passion makes us all excited to see where her career path takes her. She is a valued and fashionable member of the graduate and undergraduate admissions staff. We all appreciate what she brings to our office and are thankful for her dedication.

  • Wenying Zhao
    Front Desk Assistant

    Cheerful and pleasant to work with, Wenying is always willing to lend a hand and jump into last minute projects that arise at the Front Desk.

  • Wei Zou
    International Ambassador

    Wei has taken our recruitment videos to the next level with his video design skills! He has had the chance to film our executive director and the Chancellor himself. Wei has such a genuine nature and a great sense of humor. His attention to detail has allowed our team to expedite our international shipments like never before!