Mentor Onboarding

peer mentors

Congratulations, again for being accepted as an International Peer Mentor!

Mentors accepted into the International Peer Mentoring Program will complete the following items by the assigned deadlines in order to prepare for success in the program! We are so excited to have you join our global family!

Below you will find all your next steps to becoming part of the team. Please direct questions to

  • Step 1: Sign Your Mentor Acceptance Documents

    1. Welcome to IPMP - How to Accept your Mentor Offer
    2. Sign your Scholarship Acceptance Form
    3. Sign our mentor liability form
    4. Sign our Photo Release (for location, please write "various" and for dates, please fill in "May 2019-May2020".)

    In your congratulatory email, you were assigned a responsibility area. In order to accept your Scholarship, please select and sign ONE form below that reflects your specific assisgned responsibility area.

    See an error? Let us know!

    Questions or concerns about these items should be directed to


  • Step 2: Complete your Background Check

    We require you to do a background check as part of IPMP. Follow the directions in the PDF document that will guide you on how to complete the background check. You are to pay for the background check on your own. This cost has already been factored into your IPMP Scholarship. If you think you will have any trouble paying for this (it’s around $20), please let us know and we will work out a solution! Once you have completed the background check, please send us the PDF of your Results Summary via email to imentor, (an example of this document can be found here). Please complete this by Monday, April 29th by 5pm

    If you have already completed this same background check for another program within the past year, you can simply send us the pdf of that background check. If you are a returner, your background check is valid for 2 years. 

    If you do not have a SSN make sure to select International Student Package instead of Background Check Package, this will allow you to bypass the SSN field.

  • Step 3: Pick Up Strengthsfinder Book & Complete Strengthsfinder Assessment

    As part of your IPMP training, you will be required to take a Strengths Finder Assessment. We have purchased books for you all that include a link to take the test. Pick up the book at the OIA front desk and take the online quiz (code/instructions are in the book).

    Even if you have already taken the test, it is always good to do it again. Sometimes, our strengths change!

    Once you have taken the test, please email with your top 5 strengths. Please send the results to imentor by Monday, April 29th at 5pm.

  • Step 4: Complete FERPA, CSA, and Unlawful Harassment Trainings

    As part of most educational programs here on campus, there are several online trainings you must complete. Please complete these three trainings by May 5th at 11:59pm.


    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is federal legislation in the United States that protects the privacy of students' personally identifiable information (PII). The act applies to all educational institutions that receive federal funds. As mentors, you will have access to some of this information. In order to complete this training, go to this link. Choose the option for staff and follow the instructions. It should take about 30 minutes. Submit a picture of your completion to the appropriate Canvas Module. If you have already completed this training for another program, please submit a copy of your certificate of completion.

    Campus Security Authority

    Follow this link click the red button to enroll in the Canvas site, and complete the training. The site should appear on either your dashboard or course list. Make sure to pass it the first time, as there is no way to take it a second time!  Submit a picture of your completion to the appropriate Canvas Module. If you have already completed this training for another program, please submit a copy of your confirmation of completion. This training must be done every year, so make sure you have complete the correct one.

    Unlawful Harassment

    The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) will send this training out via your IUPUI email. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to complete the training. Submit a picture of your completion to the appropriate Canvas Module. If you have already completed this training for another program, please submit a copy of your certificate.

  • Step 5: Complete Canvas Training

    You have been added to the IPMP 2019-20 canvas course and now have access to the following modules:

    • mentor responsibilities
    • housing and transportation
    • structure of U.S universities
    • cultural differences in the classroom

    These modules will cover a lot of the basic information needed to be an IPMP mentor. Please read all the material in the modules and complete the quiz for each module by May 9th at 11:59pm. If you do not have access to the canvas page please email imentor.

  • Step 6: Register for your UCOL Mentoring Course

    All mentors must enroll and receive an A- or above in a UCOL 200-level mentoring course. Not only will these courses help you be a better mentor but also your scholarship is attached to the completion of your UCOL course.

    As a first time mentor, you will enroll in UCOL 201 - Introduction to Mentoring for the Fall 2019 semester followed by UCOL 202 - Collaborative Learning in the Spring semester. Each course is taken chronologically.

    1. To request authorization, complete this survey: Fall 2019 Mentor Education Course Request Form.  Select only ONE option on the survey.  You will be authorized and ready to enroll within 48-72 hours after completing the survey.
    2. If you are taking classes outside of the banded tuition range of 12-18 credit hours, you will also need to complete this form to receive tuition remission: Mentor Fee Remission.

    Please complete this as soon as possible to get a spot in a class that works for your schedule.

  • Step 7: Review Your Upcoming Training Dates





    Monday, May 6

    9am - 4:30pm

    Global Crossroads (ES 2132)

    Lunch is provided                   

    Bring your laptops

    Friday, May 10 - Sunday, May 12

    Departure: 2:45PM 

    Return: 11AM 

    Campus Center

    Please arrive the by 2:45pm on Friday May 10.

    Mentors will travel to Bradford Woods via a bus as a team.

    Please find a suggested Packing List in Step 8

    Monday, July 29

    9am - 4pm

    Global crossroads (ES 2132)

    Lunch is provided

    Tuesday, July 30

    9am - 4pm

    Global crossroads (ES 2132)

    Lunch is provided

  • Step 8: Prepare for the Bradford Woods Retreat

    The IPMP team will travel together to Bradford Woods, IU's Outdoor Education Program. There we will engage in activities, training, team bonding, and of course our team reveal.  

    We will be staying overnight at Bradford Woods in their Charlotte and Elm cabins. We will have separate cabins for the men and women. 

    How to prepare:

    We encourage you to prepare for and be aware of the following:

    • Pack appropriately
      • As you can see, this is not camping but more so "glamping". However, you will need to bring your own bedding, pillow, towel, and several other items. 
      • See the full BW Suggested Packing List
    • Meals are all provided as well as snacks
    • Be prepared for limited cellphone signal and no wi-fi connectivity
    • Bring and open mind, willingness to learn, and your enthusiasm!

    ipmp mentor training camping

  • Step 9: Complete Pre-Assessment

    In order to ensure that we are meeting our learning outcomes, please complete this assessment prior to beginning your tenure as an IPMP mentor. The survey will take you about 30 minutes to complete, please think through your answers.

    Completion of the survey is due by May 5th at 11:59pm. Once you have completed the survey you do not need to submit a certificate of completion.