Airport Transportation

It is important that you plan ahead and arrange your transportation to the location where you will stay in Indianapolis upon arrival. 

The Indianapolis International Airport (IND) is the major airport in Indiana, and it is where many students fly to arrive at IUPUI. Most flights from outside the United States will not fly directly to Indianapolis, so please ensure you book your connecting flight to Indianapolis.

IUPUI's campus is an approximately 20-minute drive from the airport. Black Car Services (private car, limousine and shuttle transportation), Uber, Lyft, and taxis are available from the airport directly to IUPUI and the surrounding Indianapolis area. Making transportation arrangements in advance is strongly encouraged to avoid unnecessary complications during travel.  

We strongly encourage you to research options and plan your transportation in advance, and contact us at if you have questions.


Some convenient options may include:

  • Black Car Services

    A variety of companies offer individual and shared ride services. A wide range of vehicle sizes, prices and services are available. We strongly encourage you to reserve in advance in order to secure the timing and prices that meet your needs. Online reservation and payment options are frequently available, which is convenient for international travelers.

  • Taxis Service

    Taxis are available at the curb on the lower level of the IND terminal just outside of Baggage Claim. There is a $15 minimum charge for all fares from the airport, regardless of distance.  The fare (taxi fee) may increase if you need to travel outside of the Indianapolis area or have extra luggage, so please consult your driver for rates. It is customary to tip taxi drivers for their service. 

    Be sure you have USD cash to pay your taxi driver in the event that you experience difficulty using your international credit card.

  • Uber & Lyft

    You can find Uber and Lyft services by exiting the Baggage Claim area and walking across the street to the pick-up location at the airport's Ground Transportation Center. In order to use Uber and Lyft services, you will need access to cellular data throughout the trip and a credit card that authorized for use in the U.S. Uber & Lyft drivers are not able to accept cash payments in the United States.

  • Airport Hotel Courtesy Transportation

    Some hotels located near IND provide free shuttles to and from the airport. This may be a convenient option if you need to stay at a hotel prior to moving into your IUPUI residence hall or off-campus apartment in Indianapolis.

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  • Guest Services- If you need assistance with transportation, making a local phone call, or other information while at the airport, staff at the Guest Services desk (located on main "Departures Level") can assist you during their hours of operation (Sunday - Friday: 5am - 11pm / Saturdays: 5am - 9pm). 
  • Currency exchange & ATMs - Currency exchange and a variety of banking/ATM services are available at IND. It is important that you have some USD cash in the event that you experience difficulty using your debit/credit card upon arrival. 



  • What if I arrive at the Indianapolis Airport without having confirmed my transportation?

    Students who have arrived at IND Airport without securing airport transportation may:

    • Request transportation (Black Car Service, Uber or Lyft, or taxi service) upon arrival by visiting the airport's Ground Transportation Center. Be sure you have USD cash in case you experience difficulty using your credit card.
    • Make arrangements to stay at an airport hotel that offers free shuttle service.
    • Visit the Guest Services desk if you need assistance.

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  • What if my arrival is delayed and I arrive after the office for my apartment is closed?

    Travel interruptions can happen! Be prepared with an option for back-up accommodations for your arrival. If you arrive after your apartment office has closed, you will need to book a hotel or stay with a friend.

    If you will stay with a friend, contact your friend when you arrive at the airport to notify them that you are on your way -  especially if you have experienced any flight delays to ensure that your friend is awake and expecting to meet you when you arrive. 

  • Transportation from hotel/downtown location to other downtown location

    Students frequently arrive to Indianapolis too late in the day to check into their on-campus residence hall or off-campus apartment. In this case, you will need to make arrangements to stay at a hotel or with a friend until you are able to check into your on-campus residence hall or off-campus apartment.  

    To get from your temporary location to your new home, you have the following transportation options:

    • Ask a friend to assist you with transporting your belongings
    • Request a taxi
    • Request a ride on Uber or Lyft

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  • Who can I contact if I experience a problem or concern while traveling?

    If you find yourself in an emergency situation during your travels, contact emergency services at the airport (Airport Police Department). 

    For non-emergency questions, email