Airport Transportation

The Office of International Affairs encourages international students to review travel options from the IND Airport to their downtown or campus drop-off location. 

Many new students request a taxi. Taxi service is available at the curb just outside the baggage claim area. Be sure to ask your driver about the cost before choosing to take a taxi. Also, it is a custom in the United States to tip your taxi driver.

Other students request a ride on Uber or Lyft.

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  • What if I arrive at the Indianapolis Airport without having confirmed my transportation?

    Students who have arrived at IND Airport without securing airport transportation may:

    • Call a taxi – These are available at the airport.
    • Request a ride on Uber or Lyft 

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  • What if my arrival is delayed and I arrive after the office for my apartment is closed?

    When possible, determine a backup accommodation option for your arrival. If you arrive after your apartment office has closed, you will need to book a hotel or stay with a friend.

    If you will stay with a friend, call/contact your friend when you arrive at the airport to notify them that you are on your way (particularly with flight delays as your friend might not be awake when you arrive).

  • Transportation from hotel/downtown location to other downtown location

    Many times, students arrive after their new apartment office has closed and decide to stay at a downtown hotel or with a friend prior to relocating to their new home.

    To get from your temporary location to your new home, you have the following transportation options:

    • Ask a friend to assist you with transporting your belongings
    • Request a Taxi
    • Request a ride on Uber or Lyft

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  • Who can I contact if I experience a problem or concern while traveling?

    If you find yourself in a severe emergency situation during your travels, contact the emergency services at the airport.

    For non-emergency concerns, email