Travel Arrangements

Check your letter of admission for your expected arrival date, and make sure you book your flight accordingly. You should book a connecting flight all the way to Indianapolis International Airport (not Chicago) from your home country.

Be sure to make housing arrangements prior to arriving in Indianapolis. If your permanent home will not be ready for you when you arrive, don't forget temporary arrangements while your new home is prepared. Learn more about housing options»

Additionally, IUPUI offers Airport Service. Please be sure to confirm your airport transportation prior to your arrival in Indianapolis»

Know your travel documents and bring them with you

As an international student, you will want to have an understanding about your travel documents, including your visa stamp. You will want to make sure that all of your important documents are with you while you travel.

See our recommended packing list >>

The Office of International Affairs will always be your point of contact for informational regarding your visa.

Learn more about student visas at IUPUI >>
What should I know about my entry into the United States?

No matter your visa status, you will need to go through immigration and customs upon arrival in the United States. Your arrival location, whether this be at a US airport or through a border crossing is your “port of entry”.

Learn more about port of entry >>
We are here to help.

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