Create My First IUPUI Account

All newly admitted students must create a university technology account (you may also hear "university username and passphrase") in order to apply for housing, gain access to university email, computer labs, online services (including financial account and course registration), and more. 


Steps to follow after admission:

  • Find

    Visit and search for "Create my First IU Account."

  • Enter requested information

    You will need to enter:

    1. Your last name (you may refer to this as your family name)
    2. Your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy format)
    3. Your IUPUI university ID number
  • Read the User Agreement

    You will be prompted to read and agree to the user agreement. Click "Yes" once you have read the information.

  • Select a username

    The system will give you a list of available usernames you can select from. Keep note of what you select as this will be your username for the time you are at IUPUI. This will also be the first part of your email address. 

    Username - jkim233
    Email address -

  • Create your passphrase

    Enter your passphrase according to the rules. Remember this passphrase! You will need it every time you try to access a university computer or program.

  • Passphrase authentication

    Select at least three different passphrase questions from the drop-down list and type the correct answers into the fields provided. These will be used to help give you hints if you forget your passphrase.

  • Email Address

    By default, IU provides everyone an email address with the domain. Click "Next" to continue.

  • Remember your information!

    It is very difficult to change the passphrase from abroad. Once you set up your accounts, be sure to remember both your username and passphrase to prevent difficulty accessing campus accounts and applications.

If you need help with this process, your best option is to contact University Information Technology Services, or UITS.