International Orientation Resources

Post-Orientation Materials

Did you miss an International Welcome Week workshop? Below you can find copies of the presentation materials used for the January 2018 Welcome Week:

  • 10 Rules for Success

    Our team has simplified immigration rules down into 10 easy to understand rules. If you follow all of them, you should maintain your legal status without a problem! View the 10 Rules.

  • "City & Campus Safety" Workshop

    Practical advice on staying safe while living in Indianapolis, whether you live on or off campus. View our tips to keep safe on campus.

  • "Money Matters" Workshop

    An overview of how to pay your tuition bill, the basics of searching for scholarships as a continuing student, and how to save money while living in the U.S. View both the Bursar powerpoint presentation and the Money Matters presentation.

  • IndyGo Bus Presentation

    "IndyGo" is Indianapolis' public bus transportation system. This presentation shows you how to use and navigate this bus system. View the powerpoint presentation.

  • "U.S. Education System" Workshop

    Academic study in the U.S. probably has some significant differences from what you have experienced in other countries--it is important to understand these differences if you want to succeed in your degree program here! 

    View the graduate student workshop (masters, law, dental and Ph.D. students).

    View the undergraduate student workshop (bachelors students).

  • "U.S. Culture" Workshop

    Learn about American customs, the top 10 peculiar things Americans do, and also how to cope with the culture shock you may be feeling after moving to a different country. View the powerpoint presentation.

  • Medical Care and Health Insurance

    The U.S. healthcare system is confusing for all of us. We've put together a workshop to help international students understand the American healthcare system a bit better since it is far different than any other healthcare system. 

    This workshop also contains informaton about the IUPUI International Student Health Insurance program administered by Aetna as well as the process to waive out of the required health insurance. View the Healthcare in the U.S. workshop materials.

  • "U.S. Employment" Workshop (for F-1 & J-1 students)

    Are you planning to work during your degree program in the U.S.? Learn about what types of employment are allowed and how to look for jobs. View the presentation on "Keeping it Legal in the U.S."