Freshman Bridge Program

The IUPUI Summer Bridge Program is a fun and required program for all freshman students in F-1 or J-1 status

Bridge helps you transition from being a high school student to a freshman university student. All international freshman undergraduates admitted for fall semesters are expected to attend (Summer Bridge Program is not offered for spring admission). During Bridge you will:

  • Meet faculty, advisors, student mentors, and librarians
  • Make friends with other students
  • Learn college-level expectations for reading and writing
  • Receive individualized support for math
  • Connect with your school and major
  • Get to know the IUPUI campus
  • Gain experience using instructional technology
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Frequently Asked Questions for International Students about Bridge

  • Is participation required?

    Yes. As an incoming international student, you will be in a group that focuses on American culture and English (for academics). The skills you will learn by participating will help ease you into the American college experience and help you to become more successful in the U.S.

  • What are the benefits of participating?

    Students who participate in the Summer Bridge Program typically earn higher grades at the end of the first semester than those who do not participate. Participating in the Summer Bridge Program will allow you to arrive on campus two weeks before classes begin. You'll get to meet new friends and also become comfortable with the campus before all the other students arrive. As a bridge participant, you will also get to make connections with faculty, staff and older students earlier in your college experience.

  • What about Housing?

    If you are a first-year F-1 or J-1 visa student planning on living in campus housing for the fall semester, you can arrange to move in early by contacting Housing and Residence Life. Your housing contract will automatically be amended to reflect the prorated cost of the additional days. On-Campus housing options can be found on the Housing and Residence Life website.

    If you are not planning on living in campus housing, or if you have not signed your housing contract before July 1, you are responsible for finding your own arrangements or alternative housing for the Summer Bridge Program. You can find temporary hotel accommodations within reasonable distance to the campus.

    If you have housing related questions, you can ask or

  • Can I Miss Any Days of the Summer Bridge Program?

    No. You are expected to arrive to Indianapolis on the date printed on your I-20 or DS-2019. Your orientation activities will follow the schedule posted to our website.  Attendance is mandatory and you may not miss any days. If you will be having problems getting to Indianapolis before the date on your I-20 and/or participating in Summer Bridge, you must contact immediately.

    Once you are here, if you need to be late or absent for an unexpected illness/emergency, you will need to contact your Bridge instructor or as soon as possible.

  • Will I Still Need to Participate in the International Orientation?

    Yes! As part of the activities we plan for you, we include a special mandatory session for all international Bridge students. During this session, we cover all the necessary things for you to remember in order to maintain your F-1 Student Status. This meeting is mandatory.

  • Do I Still Need to Attend an Academic Orientation If I Enroll in Bridge?

    YES! As part of the activities we plan for you, we include your academic orientation. This will help prepare you for Summer Bridge and also your fall classes. You will be able to meet with an academic advisor during this time and register for fall classes.

  • Who Is My Professor?

    Every Summer Bridge section is taught by an instructional team. This team consists of a faculty member, an academic advisor, a librarian, a student mentor, an International Peer Mentor, and an international student advisor. You will meet your entire team at the opening session on the first day of Bridge.

  • Where Should I Go?

    As we get closer to August, you will begin to get plenty of information emailed to you. Please be sure that you have an updated email address at OIA – if not, you can email with your updated email address so that we can send you more information through the summer.

  • What Should I Wear?

    Dress is casual. You can wear jeans or shorts and a t-shirt or polo shirt. Please wear comfortable shoes.

  • What Do I Need to Bring?

    You should bring a small calculator, pens/pencils, a notebook, and a lunch (or lunch money).

  • Do I Need to Purchase Books for Bridge?

    No, you will not need to purchase books before Bridge.

  • What Classes Will I Take During the Bridge Program?

    You will have sessions in math, presentation skills, English for Academic Purposes and cultural awareness sessions. Other sessions you will attend will depend on your instructor. He/she will share these with you on your first day when you review the schedule.