Submit Supporting Documents

Complete your Application

After you finish your online application, the next step to completing your application to IUPUI is to submit the required supporting documentation.  The list of required supporting documents will vary by department. 

Your program department will need certain types of supporting documents for the initial review of your application. If they make a decision to admit you to their program, then we will need additional supporting documents to finalize your admission. 

Types of Documents Needed by Departments

  • Official Academic Records

    You must submit full and complete academic records from every university/post-secondary institution you have attended. Your records should also include any coursework currently in progress. Failure to submit all academic documents will result in the automatic withdrawal of your application. 

    You must submit academic documents in the native language and provide an English translation by an official translation agency unless your institution issues academic documents in English. Please note there are exceptions to this policy and students will be notified during OIA’s admission review if further documentation is required.

    While an electronic copy of your records can be accepted to make an admission decision, once you are admitted by OIA you will be required to submit the official, original records in order to verify their authenticity. All documents submitted become the property of IUPUI.

    Transcript evaluations by Credential Evaluation agencies are NOT necessary nor required. 

  • Proof of English Proficiency

    If you are a non-native speaker, please review our graduate standards for our English proficiency requirements.

  • Test Scores

    Your department may require one or more of the following tests. Minimum scores required vary and are determined by the graduate program.

    For all required tests (including TOEFL), you must request that the testing agencies send official score reports to IUPUI. You may also wish to submit photocopies of your test results to ensure receipt of scores.

    IUPUI's Testing Services Codes: 1325

    • GRE: Many graduate studies committees require that you take the Graduate Record Examination General (GRE) Test. Check with the committee for more information. All fellowship applicants are required to take the GRE.
    • GMAT: Graduate programs in Business and Accounting require that you take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).
    • CGFNS: Applicants to graduate nursing programs are required to take the Council of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools qualifying examination (CGFNS) as a prerequisite for the State Licensure Examination for nurses in Indiana. Applicants must hold current nursing licenses in their home countries and achieve licensure in Indiana prior to enrollment in clinical nursing courses at IUPUI.
    • LSAT: All applicants to the School of Law must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
  • Letters of Recommendation

    Graduate applicants typically need three letters of recommendation from major professors in their most recent degree program. Those not currently in school may include a letter from a past or current employer as one of the three. Check with your program about any specific requirements for recommendation letters.

  • Other

    • Resume
    • Portfolio of past work (Example: If applying to Herron School of Art and Design)
    • Personal Statement

    Check with your department for specific information on any of these items and what is required. 

Types of Documents Needed by OIA

  • Academic Records

    These will be the same ones sent to your department for the initial review. Your department will forward them to our office for final review.

  • Proof of English Proficiency

    These will be the same as what you sent to your department for the initial review. Your department will forward them to our office for final review.

  • Financial Documentation (only for students requiring a visa to study)

    For those students who require a student visa (F1/J1), you must submit financial documentation verifying your ability to pay your tuition and living expenses. If someone other than yourself is providing funds, you will also need to submit the Financial Support Agreement. These items should be uploaded through your Atlas account.

    We will not be able to issue you the documentionation you will need for your visa appointment until you have completed this step.

    **Please review the Graduate Estimated Expenses chart for more information on program cost.

  • Clarification of Present Visa Status

    We want to make sure that we issue you the correct immigration documentation.

    If you are currently in the US, it’s important that you complete the “Submit Clarification of your Present Immigration Status” form on Atlas. You will be asked to submit copies of your current I-20, I-94, or any other immigration documentation you may have.

    This step is especially important if you currently hold an F-1 student visa and will need us to transfer your current SEVIS record to IUPUI.

    If you are a US Citizen, Permanent Resident, Refugee, or Asylee then you should apply through the IUPUI Graduate Office

  • Copy of Your Passport ID Page

    In order to make sure we have the correct spelling and format of your name on any immigration documentation we issue you, please complete the “Submit a copy of your Passport ID Page” form on Atlas.


Document Policy

All materials submitted in support of an IUPUI application become the property of IUPUI and are not returnable, forwarded, copied, or released to the student or to third parties. This includes financial documentation submitted for purposes of obtaining a student or scholar visa. Students are advised to bring additional copies of their official educational documents in envelopes signed, sealed and stamped by the issuing institution should they have need of their official educational documents while in the U.S.