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Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON) strategic goal for student education is to educate nurses to deliver, lead, innovate, and improve health care locally and globally. Consistent with university and campus wide initiatives, we are expanding our global virtual student learning with partner institutions across the entire undergraduate and graduate curricula. We leverage resources at the University and campus levels (especially faculty development workshops), share lessons learned from our programs via scholarship activities (presentations and publications), and conduct research. IUSON (Indianapolis, BL, and FW) Global Program goals:


Increase internationalization efforts to promote students’ preparedness for global experiences across all educational levels. IUSON has been engaged in global virtual student exchange since 2019, study abroad programs in Dominican Republic and Spain, and immersion of students in health and social service agencies across Indiana’s multicultural communities. We are expanding our students’ reach both within IUSON and partner schools across China, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, Thailand, and United Kingdom. We leverage the expertise of our internationally-experienced faculty and students to enrich our internationalization efforts.


Provide faculty professional development on curriculum internationalization. Since Spring 2020, six IUSON faculty have received international scholarships to expand virtual students exchange across our undergraduate programs, IUSON-led study abroad to include partner schools in Mexico, and integrate sustainable development goals content into our across undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Our faculty will increase knowledge and skills with a cohort of faculty from other units within IU and IUPUI.


Optimize all current partnerships to meet both student education and faculty research. Our faculty and their graduate research assistants/students are engaged in research and service across China, Columbia, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Research topics include epilepsy, cancer, older adult care or gerontology, nursing students’ preceptorship, and mental health.
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