Data & Research Requests

Sharing IUPUI international statistics and supporting research

The Office of International Affairs provides statistics about IUPUI international students and scholars and study abroad. In some cases, we can also assist IUPUI researchers with data or survey requests.

International Trends at IUPUI

Public statistics and accomplishments are compiled in our OIA annual report.  Trends on specific populations are also evaluated annually.

View international student enrollment trends
View international scholar trends
View Study Abroad trends

You can also access international student and scholar statistics in comparison with University-wide trends within Atlas, IU’s international online service system. Contact us with any questions.

Data requests for research

IUPUI faculty doing research may apply for access to subjects within the IUPUI international student population. Unfortunately, we are not able to honor requests from outside of IU. We will assist IUPUI researchers—including those conducting graduate work at the thesis or dissertation level—whenever possible.

Please review the international statistics on our website first. In some instances, we may be able to provide datasets and statistical reports compiled by OIA.

We are happy to share student data that is not confidential (with appropriate approval). Contact us to find out if the information you seek is something we have and can share with you.

Information frequently provided to IUPUI researchers

We may be able to help with the following types of research:

  • Email surveys
  • Calls for research subjects
  • Help interpreting publicly available statistics
  • Assistance compiling internal reports or surveys for university business purposes (on a limited basis)