We recognize the distinguished work of people and organizations that make IUPUI a global campus. 

Susan Buck Sutton Faculty and Staff Awards for Study Abroad

In honor of Dr. Susan Buck Sutton, the first Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs at IUPUI, the Sutton Awards recognize individuals who have supported and enhanced study abroad programming at IUPUI. 

  • Award Details

    The IUPUI Office of International Affairs is pleased to invite nominations to recognize outstanding faculty and staff members dedicated to promoting education abroad at IUPUI.  The Susan Sutton Awards are given to one faculty member and one staff member each year who promote a campus climate where students are encouraged to study abroad and new programs are developed and supported.  The winners of these awards should demonstrate their merit not based on the essential functions of their jobs but instead through a commitment to international education which is over and above their primary job duties.

    Questions about the award can be directed to Stephanie Leslie at


    All IUPUI faculty and staff are eligible for nomination.  Self-nomination is not permitted.  Past recipients are not eligible for three years after receiving a Sutton Award.


    Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    • Impact on the institutionalization of school's study abroad programs or the processes which support them
    • The connection between nominee's work with study abroad and their school's internationalization efforts
    • Breadth and depth of program(s)
    • Impact on campus study abroad programming beyond their school
    • Impact on IUPUI students
    • Impact on community (local or global)
    • Support for the work of the IUPUI study abroad office
    • Impact on the field of education abroad
  • Nomination Process

    The nomination process requires an online form, a letter of nomination and one or more letters of support.

    Questions can be directed to Stephanie Leslie, Director of Study Abroad.

  • Past Recipients


    Faculty Awardee: Patricia Fox, Clinical Assistant Professor, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

    Staff Awardee: Khalilah Shabazz, Director of the Multicultural Center


    Faculty Awardee: Carmen Luca Sugawara, Associate Professor, IU School of Social Work

    Staff Awardee: Ellen Richey, Class Data Coorinator, Office of the Registrar


    Faculty Awardee:  John Parrish-Sprowl; Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Global Health Communication Center

    Staff Awardee: Julie Lash, Director of IUPUI’s Counseling and Psychological Services


    Faculty Awardee: Jennifer Lee, Associate Dean and Professor, Herron School of Art & Design

    Staff Awardee: Lisa Chambers, Assistant Director, Office of Student Financial Services


    Faculty Awardee: Mary Beth Riner, Associate Dean for Global Affairs, IU School of Nursing

    Staff Awardee: Ron Pettigrew, Program Manager, IU Center for Global Health


    Faculty Awardee: Claudia Grossman, Senior Lecturer and Director, Program in German, Department of World Languages & Cultures

    Staff Awardee: Eric Raider, Academic Advisor, Kelley School of Business


    Faculty Awardee: Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis, Professor, IU School of Physical Education and Tourism Management

    Staff Awardee: Jennifer Custer, Program Manager, ENLACE project in the IU School of Medicine

Global Engagement Award

The Global Engagement Award recognizes organizations abroad demonstrating an outstanding commitment to providing international opportunities and experiences for IUPUI students, faculty, and/or staff. 

The award is accompanied by financial support of up to $3,000 to advance the relationship between the recipient and IUPUI. 

  • Award Details


    IUPUI collaborates with numerous organizations abroad that provide tremendous value to campus through any of the following activities:

    • Educating and supporting IUPUI students participating in study abroad experiences;
    • Connecting IUPUI students, faculty and/or staff to international communities that enable experiences that significantly enhance cultural understanding or build mutually beneficial academic relationships;
    • Sharing resources and knowledge for international curriculum development; or
    • Facilitating the presence of international students and scholars on the IUPUI campus.

    Award winners must demonstrate a long-term collaboration with IUPUI that develops students as global citizens and enhances the international efforts of IUPUI.


    The Global Engagement Award is typically announced in the fall and formally presented at Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase. It will be accompanied by funding of $3000 to further advance the relationship between the international organization and IUPUI. Examples of use are supporting a colleague from the international organization to visit IUPUI, providing a scholarship for student travel, etc. Award funds must be spent within the next academic year. 

    Questions about the award can be directed to Sara Allaei at


    Organizations must be non-U.S. entities and may include higher education institutions or departments, nonprofit organizations, government institutions, cultural or diplomatic missions, or other community groups.


    Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    • Demonstrated track record providing international opportunities for IUPUI students, faculty, and/or staff
    • Breadth and depth of current relationships with the IUPUI community
    • Outcomes that provide long-term contributions toward the internationalization of the IUPUI campus
  • Nomination Process

    Any member of the IUPUI campus community may serve as a nominator. A committee of IUPUI faculty and staff will review the nominations and determine the awardee. 

    Application components include the following attachments: 

    • IUPUI letter of nomination describing the contributions of the nominee regarding the criteria listed above
    • Two or more letters of support from faculty, staff, students, or external constituents. Staff in the Office of International Affairs are able to write letters of support for nominees if requested. 
    • A letter from the IUPUI sponsoring unit Dean, Chair, or Department Head outlining the nominating unit’s commitment and the ways in which it is supporting the relationship, either financially or with in-kind commitments. (can be considered one of the support letters)
    • A detailed budget for how the financial award will be used to promote the relationship between IUPUI and the nominated group. (All disbursements must be in accordance with IU policy.)
    • Optional – Any research, presentations, or publications regarding outcomes from the nominee’s collaboration with IUPUI


  • Past Recipients

    2019 - Association for Promotion of IT, Culture, and Coexistence (IKS), an NGO based in Croatia which promotes the development in social structures through civic engagement, youth programming, and more.  The IU School of Social Work has worked with IKS on study abroad and service learning programs since 2013.

    2018 - Moi University School of Medicine, longtime partner with the IU School of Medicine founded on the basic international principal of reciprocity beginning with faculty-to-faculty, medical resident-to-medical resident and student-to-student counterpart relationships since 1989. 

    2017- Innovaros and, has supported IUPUI service learning students in Greece by providing enriching projects that develop their skills and at the same time yield digital assets for the community. Sample student projects.

    2016 - Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, a cooperative university in Mannheim, Germany. DHBW has worked closely with the IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology for 26 years, providing engineering internships in Germany for IUPUI students.

    2015 - PRONI, Croatia: Partnership with the IU School of Social Work's international service learning course - Social Work Practice in War-Torn Communities in Croatia