Extend Your Program

It is your responsibility to make sure you keep your I-20 or DS-2019 valid while you are studying at PIE. If you need more time to complete your studies, OIA immigration advisors can help you extend your I-20 or DS-2019 end date.

You must request an extension of your immigration document in iStart

Review your expiration date on your immigration document:

F-1 students can find their I-20 expiration date in the "Program of Study" box on page 1 of your I-20.

J-1 students can find their DS-2019 expiration date in box #3 "Form Covers Period" box on your DS-2019

How to apply for an extension:

  • Log into your iStart account

    Go to One.iu.edu and find your iStart account. You will need to use your IUPUI username and passphrase along with DUO authentication to enter. 

    iStart dashboard icon

  • Find the Extension of Program request

    Complete the Extension of Program eForm located in your F-1 Student Services (or J-1 Student Services) menu. 

    F-1 Student Services menu 

    You must provide financial documentation for the  period of your extension. If you have questions about this, ask OIA advisors during PIE Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Let PIE know your plans

    Once you submit your eForm, PIE receives an email asking PIE if you are allowed to continue. Be sure you discuss your plans to continue your English education at PIE with Cindy.

  • Pick up your new immigration document

    Once your I-20 or DS-2019 has been extended by OIA immigration advisors, you will get an email letting you know you can pick it up. You can pick up your new document at the OIA, ES building, room 2126. You will need to bring your picture ID to pick it up. OIA is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

How do you find your end of program date?

Your end of program date is the last day of classes for any term at PIE. This is the day you take your PIE final exams for your last session.

F-1 Student options at the end of program:

  • Transfer to a new program (F-1 Students)

    After you have completed your English study at PIE, you may transfer your I-20 to a new school if you will begin your new degree program within 5 months of your program end date. You must transfer your I-20 to your new school within your 60-day grace period immediately following your end of program date.

    To transfer your I-20 to your new school, complete the SEVIS Transfer Out request from your F-1 Student Services menu in iStart. 

    F-1 Student Services menu

    You will need to have your admission letter for your new program to upload to your eForm request.

    Your new school may ask you to complete a Transfer In request. In order for OIA immigration advisors to help you with that, you must first complete the SEVIS Transfer Out request in iStart.

  • Go home

    You have a 60-day grace period following your last day of the term at PIE. During this time, you can remain in the U.S. and make arrangements for all your affairs. 

    You cannot work during your 60-day grace period.

    You cannot travel in and out of the U.S. during your grace period.