Insurance for PIE students

All F-1 or J-1 students at the PIE are required to purchase the university's mandatory insurance plan. This plan is administered by Aetna Student Health.

The premium charge will be billed to your Bursar account every session. 

Students who are sponsored by their government AND who have turned in a valid Financial Guarantee are exempt from this requirement.

How can I enroll in the Aetna insurance?

  • Enroll during orientation.

    OIA immigration advisors come to PIE orientation and help new students enroll in iStart. You will be able to print your insurance card from the Aetna Student Health website about 4 days after your orientation date.

  • Continuing students can enroll in the next session.

    OIA advisors come to PIE Forum at throughout each PIE session. OIA advisors can help continuing students enroll in the insurance for the next PIE term.

    1. Access your iStart account
    2. Look for your Insurance and Finances menu
    3. Complete the PIE Insurance Confirmation eForm

    Insurance and Finances menu

    You will be confirming that you will enroll in the next PIE session or that you are taking your 5th session vacation and would like to continue enrollment in the PIE insurance. 

    Completing the PIE insurance Confirmation will cause your Bursar bill to be billed for the next premium amount.


  • Do nothing.

    Students can:

    1. Enroll early.
    2. Be exempt because of their financial sponsor
    3. Or do nothing.

    On the 10th day of the session, every student who has not already completed early enrollment (step above) or turned in a valid Financial Guarantee will see their Bursar Bill charged for the session premium. 

How can I print my Aetna insurance card?

  • Go to Aetna Student Health

    Navigate to the Aetna Student Health webpage.

  • Select a plan

    Select “Indiana University International Students and Scholars" in the purple line, then click view school:

    aetna website header

  • Select Print

    Scroll halfway down the webpage and select "Print your ID Card"

    print your id icon

  • Enter your information

    Enter your university ID number and date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY format)

    info screen

  • Print your card

    Click submit, then your card should appear at the bottom of the screen. Be aware, it will take about a week for this to happen once you follow the steps above to enroll.

    card example

How does insurance work?

  • Vocabulary

    Insurance has a very specific and complicated vocabulary.

    Glossary of Insurance Terms »

  • Cost of medical care

    Medical care in the U.S. is very expensive. Insurance helps to lower the cost to each person.

    Insurance companies contract with doctors for lower prices than what the doctor normally provides. This is called a "reasonable and customary charge," by the insurance company. 

    Insured persons (you) will pay a smaller amount for the service a doctor gives you because you have insurance.

  • Plan specific information

    You can find specific coverage amounts of the insurance policy here

  • Personal costs

    Students will pay:

    1. Premium: This is the amount charged to your Bursar account. This is the cost to have insurance.
    2. Deductible: This is the amount of money you must pay to meetthe insurance company's minimum. You pay this amount before the insurance company begins paying your bills.
    3. Out-Of-Pocket Max: This is the maximum amount you will pay if you have a medical condition. Once you pay this amount, the insurance company pays everything else.

     Aetna insurance payment graphic