IUPUI International Festival FAQs

Q: What are all these flags?

A: The flags in the student center represent all 195 United Nations member and observer states.  IUPUI has students from over 140 different countries, so many of these flags represent populations within our student body. For more information, check out our Flag Explanation Guide

Q: How much does it cost?

A: All events associated with the IUPUI International Festival are free, unticketed and open to the public!  There may be exhibitors who are selling items at the festival itself, but by and large all lectures, official festival foods, and activities are free of charge.  For events during International Week check each event's page for specific information.

Q: Where does it happen?

A: The International Festival itself happens inside the IUPUI Campus Center, 420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46202.  The stage and exhibitors are on the main floor atrium (the open space where all the windows and escalators are) and the lower level.  The third floor conference rooms hold lectures and special activities throughout the week, and there are many more events all over campus.  Find out more on the International Week page.

Q: How do I get there, and where do I park?

A: You may park anywhere there is visitor parking on campus, which you can see on the campus map.  We recommend parking in the Vermont Street Parking Garage, which connects to the Campus Center.  View parking rates here.

There is also a Blue Indy station across the street from the Campus Center, as well as a bus stop.  Visit the IUPUI Bus website for more details.

Q: Who are the performers?

A: Most of the performers you see on stage by the bookstore are IUPUI students, scholars, faculty, and staff, with occasional community cultural groups.

Want to get on stage next year?  Keep an eye out for our performer interest form in late December and early January.

Q: Is this event good for kids?

A: Yes!  The International Festival is open to everyone!  There will be activities, live performances, free food, photo booths, and fun takeaways for visitors of all ages.

Q: I still have questions.  Who do I ask?

A: oiaevent@iupui.edu can answer all your IUPUI International Festival related questions. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you at the next IUPUI Annual International Festival!