January Update 2020

January update from Hilary E. Kahn, Associate Vice Chancellor of International Affairs

Dear OIA Friends,

On behalf of the OIA team, I welcome you to the new year and wish you the best for the spring semester and coming year. This is a busy time for the Office of International Affairs. Our recruitment team is traveling to various world regions to meet prospective and admitted students and we are preparing for the many international students and scholars that will be joining us this year. As always, we are working with those who are already at IUPUI and providing various services to help them be prepared for the future, whether they are graduating, finding employment, or staying with us at IUPUI. We will be onboarding new cohorts for our International Peer Mentoring Program and International House, and we are helping send IUPUI students on a record number of overseas programs during spring break! We are building up important partnerships with institutions abroad, and we are working diligently to ensure that all students graduate with at least one meaningful global learning experience.

We are also busy bringing various programmatic opportunities to campus for all of us to engage internationally. We will bring in truly amazing individuals to hear their stories, learn from their perspectives, and hold conversations that transcend our differences. And, of course, we have the IUPUI International Festival on February 27 and the various high-quality programs and activities that occur that week. This will be my first International Festival as Associate Vice Chancellor, and I am excited that we have the chance to bring the campus together to celebrate our international identity. The day and week of the International Festival will also provide OIA with a chance to hear from you, including an OIA Open Forum in Campus Center room CE 310 from 2-3:30 PM on the 27th where faculty, staff, administrators, and students can provide feedback about how we can do what we do better. This will inform the strategic planning work we are engaged in this semester, and I ask you to stay in touch as more details emerge about this event and the entire International Festival and International Week.

Ultimately, I hope you take advantage of all these activities and programs this semester, and that you continue to find the Office of International Affairs a campus resource that supports you as a member of IUPUI, whether you are in Indianapolis, Columbus, Fort Wayne, or beyond.

Our goal is to make IUPUI an undeniable global and inclusive campus, and I look forward to engaging with you in conversation this semester about how we can collectively advance our international work.

All best,





Hilary E. Kahn