Financial Resources for Current International Students

Finding resources to help fund your study in the United States can be one of the most time consuming and challenging parts about earning your education.

Financial help is available, but securing it will take hard work and perseverance. We have identified a few resources to aid continuing students in search of additional funding.

Start your search by doing your research. There are many different types of funding with different requirements.

Common types of financial resources

  • Scholarships and Grants

    Scholarships and grants should be your first choice when looking for financial aid. These are competitive awards that do not require repayment or a work commitment. There are a number of organizations and programs that offer scholarships. At IUPUI, you can begin your search at Scholarship Central – IUPUI’s Office of Student Scholarships (OSS). 

    We recommend that you search the OSS Scholarship Database System. Since many scholarships are only available to U.S. citizens, we recommend that you filter the scholarships by citizenship eligibility before you begin reading about them in detail. You can filter by going to the “U.S. Citizen” tab at the top of the search and click on the arrows to the right. The search should filter to show you first only those scholarships that do NOT require U.S. citizenship.

    In addition, check with your academic department to see what scholarships and grants are available in your specific area of study. Your academic advisor may be a good resource to help you begin your search in this area. Don’t forget to expand your scholarship search to organizations outside of IUPUI. See some resources to help you get started »

  • International Student Financial Assistance Program

    The Office of International Affairs accepts applications for financial assistance during each Fall and Spring semester. This assistance can be in the form of a grant or loan depending on your situation.

    To be eligible to apply, you must have completed at least two full semesters of full-time coursework at IUPUI at the time of the award. If you are experiencing a financial difficulty that is sudden and outside of your control, you may be eligible to apply for the International Student Financial Assistance Program. Learn more »

  • Fellowships and Assistantships

    If you are a graduate student, you may be able to secure a fellowship or assistantship through your department.

    An assistantship is a paid position that requires you to teach or conduct research, while a fellowship is an award of money that may or may not come with a work requirement. Contact your school or department for details on positions they may offer and their application process.

  • Student Loans

    As an international student, you are not eligible for student loans through the U.S. federal government. However, you still have options for borrowing money for school. Learn more about loans »

    Be open minded about your funding search, and look beyond IUPUI. We have identified some resources to help you in your search for external scholarships and grants. Start searching »