OPT STEM Extension

Am I Eligible?

In order to be eligible for the 24-month OPT STEM extension, you must:

  • Already be on post-completion OPT and hold an appropriate degree in one of the DHS-approved STEM fields.
  • Be employed by, or have a job offer from, an employer who is registered with the E-Verify employment verification system. E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration. Employment must be paid and full time (over 20 hours per week).
  • Have fewer than 90 days of unemployment while on OPT.
  • Submit the OPT application to USCIS prior to the expiration of the current post-completion OPT. USCIS must receive the application before the expiration date on the current EAD.

When and How Should I Apply?

  • I am applying for my first 24-month extension.

    You are eligible to apply for your full 24-month STEM benefit as long as USCIS receives your STEM OPT application prior to your 12-month OPT period expiring. You may apply up to 90 days prior to your 12-month OPT expiriation date (printed on your EAD).

    Please note, USCIS must receive your application packet no later than 60 days immediately following the date on page 1 (where the DSO has signed), or the date your current OPT EAD card expires, whichever is sooner.

  • I am applying for my second STEM extension.

    Students may apply for a second STEM extension on the basis of a previously conferred degree OR after completing a new STEM eligible degree at a higher education level. If you have questions about your specific second STEM extension eligibility, contact iadvisor@iupui.edu.

    1. For application based on a prior STEM degree: This can be used in situations where a student obtains a B.S. in Chemistry and then earns an MBA. If the student is on 12-month OPT following the MBA degree, s/he may apply for a second STEM extension if they obtain a position relating to the field of chemistry for the STEM extension period of employment authorization. Students would need to apply for this prior to the MBA 12-month OPT period ending. 
    2. For application based on a STEM eligible degree at a higher education level: In this case, the student would need to apply for and use the original 12-mont OPT for the degree level, then apply for the second 24-month STEM extension prior to the 12-month OPT period ending.
If you file a timely application for an extension, you will be able to continue employment while the extension application is pending with USCIS, until it is approved or denied, or for 180 days, whichever comes first.

Please follow the these step-by-step instructions about how to apply for your STEM extension:

  • Step 1: Complete the I-765

    You can find the Form I-765 here. We recommend you also complete the Form G-1145 so that you will receive free e-notifications of your application status.

    Hints for filling out the form I-765:

    • In the "I am applying for:" section, check the box that indicates, "Renewal of my permission to accept employment..."
    • #1: Write your family name, first name (given name) and middle initial as they appear on your passport ID page.
    • #2: Only complete this section if you have used other names before. If you have never used a different name, just leave this section blank.
    • #3 Whatever address you list on this page is where USCIS will send your EAD card. If you could potentially move while this application is being processed, use a stable address such as your employer or OIA. This is the address your new EAD will be sent to upon approval of your application.
    OIA's address is: 
    c/o OIA, 902 W. New York St, ES 2126
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    • #4 List the country of your citizenship/nationality.
    • #5 List the city, state/province, and country of your birth.
    • #6 List your date of birth in MM/DD/YYYY format.
    • #7 Check the box to the left of your gender.
    • #8 Check the box to the left of your marrital status.
    • #9a If you have a SSN, check the Yes box. If you do not have an SSN, select the No box.
    • #9b Provide your SSN in the blanks.
    • #10 If you would like to apply for OPT and an SSN at the same time, select Yes. If not, select No and skip to #14, leaving #11-13 blank.
    • #11 If you select that Yes, you would like to apply for OPT and an SSN (Yes on #10), then you should select Yes for #11.
    • #12 - 13 - only complete these questions if you answered Yes to #11. If you answered No, then skip.
      • #12a and 12b: list your father's family and given names
      • #13a and 13 b: list your mother's family name (at her birth) and given name.
    • #14 This is the 11-digit number on your most recent I-94 card.
    • #15 Include your current OPT information found on your EAD card. (For  Office - reveiw your case number, list the three letters only, if you used OIA's address for your first OPT application, it should be either LIN or YSC, Dates = list the dates printed on your EAD card, Status = Granted)
    • #16 List the date of your last arrival into the U.S., you can find this on your most recent electronic I-94 record.
    • #17 List the place where you went through U.S. Immigration on your last entry to the U.S. You may be able to see this on your port of entry stamp - the three letter code directly under the word ADMITTED.
    • #18 USCIS wants to know what your status was the last time you entered the U.S. For most students applying for OPT, it is “F-1 Student”. If you have recently changed to F-1 status, this may be your previous status.
    • #19 This must be “F-1 Student”.
    • #20 (c)(3)(C)
    • #21 Degree = your degree level and major; Employer’s name as listed in E-Verify; Employer’s E-Verify Identification Number (E-Verify information can only be obtained from your employer)
    • #22 Leave this blank.
    • #23 a & b Leave this blank.

    Certification Section:

    • Don't forget to sign your application.
    • List the date you signed your form in the MM/DD/YYYY format
    • Include your telephone number with area code. This should be listed in the XXX-XXX-XXXX format

    Preparer's Section:

    • Leave this blank.
  • Step 2: Complete the Form I-983 with Your Employer

    Please note, you do not need to include this form in your application to USCIS; however, in order for OIA to issue you an I-20 recommending the STEM extension, we must have a completed Form I-983. 

    You can find instructions on how to complete this form online here. Please read completely through the information available to you through both the OIA and DHS websites. Links to the form and step-by step guidance can be found on both websites.

    You MUST complete the form with your employer before submitting your request for an I-20 to OIA.  You may leave the box requesting "DSO" information blank. OIA will complete this section when issuing your STEM recommended I-20.

  • Step 3: Gather Your Other Documentation

    As part of your STEM OPT Extension application, you will need to supply USCIS with copies of the documents below. Make sure you gather these documents as soon as possible, so that your application is not delayed.

    • Copy of your most recent electronic I-94 record OR copy of the front and back of your current paper I-94 card
    • Copy of your passport identification page (and any renewal pages)
    • Copy of your most recent F-1 visa stamp
    • Copy of the front and back of your current OPT card (EAD)
    • Letters from all of your OPT employers confirming your employment, including start and end dates (to prove you have not used more than 90 days of unemployment) OR paystubs from your entire period of employment, if you cannot get an employment letter.
    • Evidence of STEM degree (this can be an unofficial transcript printed from one.iu.edu, an official transcript from IUPUI’s registrar, or a copy of your diploma)
  • Step 4: Passport Photos and Fee Payment

    Passport Photos

    Review these recommendations on passport photographs.

    • Photos must measure 2 inches by 2 inches and must be in color; photos should be printed on glossy photo paper.
    • Head should be positioned directly facing the camera.
    • Photo should capture from slightly above top of hair to middle of chest.
    • Background should be plain white or off-white.
    • Photos should be taken within the last 30 days prior to the extension application. Photos used for obtaining a non-U.S. passport or a U.S .visa stamp are generally not acceptable, as they are often not the correct size, and rarely taken within 30 days of the OPT application.
    • Photos with poor lighting (too dark) may be rejected.

    There are several pharmacies and stores (such as CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart) that will take and print passport-sized photographs for you at a low cost. We recommend you have your photographs taken by one of these stores, and you can ask them to retake the photo at no cost to you if it does not meet the recommendations outlined above.

    Paying your I-765 Fee

    There is a $410 fee for the STEM Extension application. You can pay this fee by check or money order made out to: USCIS. 

    Do not sign the back of your check! This will void the check.

  • Step 5: Complete the iStart STEM Extension Request

    Log into iStart and complete the "24-Month STEM OPT Extension Request" eform located in your F-1 Practical Training menu.

    Please note: there is a $150 IUPUI Office of International Affairs fee for each STEM OPT application. This fee will support advising and technical services to meet federal regulations and provide other essential support for international students while on STEM OPT.

  • Step 6: Pick up Your STEM I-20

    After your completed STEM Extension Request e-form has been reviewed, the Office of International Affairs will create a new I-20 recommending an OPT STEM extension. You will receive instructions about when and where to pick up your new STEM I-20.

    If you no longer live in Indianapolis, we can send your STEM I-20 by FedEx for $10, or by U.S. mail for free. 

  • Step 7: Compile Your OPT STEM Extension Application Packet

    USCIS can better review your packet if you prepare it in a certain way. Below is the order we recommend for your documents. Please do not staple any individual documents within your packet.

    1. Check ($410)
    2. Photos (we recommend you place these in a small plastic bag with a zipper, plus write your name and I-94 number on the back of each photo with a pencil or felt-tip pen)
    3. I-765 form
    4. New I-20 recommending STEM OPT
    5. Previous I-20 recommending OPT
    6. EAD front and back
    7. I-94 record
    8. Passport Identification Page
    9. F-1 Visa Stamp
    10. Job confirmation letters from all initial OPT employers
    11. Evidence of STEM degree
    12. Optional: Form G-1145

    Once you have compiled these documents, staple the whole packet together (including the check and the baggie that has your pictures in it—be careful not to staple through the pictures).

  • Step 8: Send Your OPT STEM Extension Packet to USCIS

    You should send your completed OPT STEM extension packet to USCIS. We recommend you use a courier services such as FedEx or registered first-class U.S. mail service to have your packet delivered. These methods will both provide you with information on when the packet was delivered to USCIS, which you should keep for your records. USCIS must receive your application packet no later than 60 days immediately following the date on page 1 of your I-20 (where the DSO has signed), or the date your current OPT EAD expires, whichever is sooner.

    Your packet will be sent to either the Phoenix or Dallas USCIS lockbox, based on where you currently live. You can determine which lockbox to use and find the proper mailing addresses here.

  • Step 9: Receive Your Receipt Notice and Wait

    Once USCIS has received your packet, they will send you a receipt notice. From this point, you will just need to wait for USCIS to issue a decision on your OPT STEM extension.

    You will be able to continue employment while the extension application is pending with USCIS, until it is approved or denied, or for 180 days, whichever comes first. You should continue reporting your employment information to OIA during your OPT STEM extension.

If you have questions about the 24-month STEM extension, email iadvisor@iupui.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I work for a contracting company, is it OK to apply for STEM OPT?

    According to the new STEM OPT rule, “There are several aspects of the STEM OPT extension that do not make it apt for certain types of arrangements, including multiple employer arrangements, sole proprietorships, employment through “temp” agencies, employment through consulting firm arrangements that provide labor for hire, and other relationships that do not constitute a bona fide employer-employee relationship. One concern arises from the difficulty individuals employed through such arrangements would face in complying with, among other things, the training plan requirements [form I-983] of this rule. Another concern is the potential for visa fraud arising from such arrangements. Furthermore, evaluating the merits of such arrangements would be difficult and create additional burdens for DSOs. Accordingly, DHS clarifies that students cannot qualify for STEM OPT extensions unless they will be bona fide employees of the employer signing the Training Plan, and the employer that signs the Training Plan must be the same entity that employs the student and provides the practical training experience. DHS recognizes that this outcome is a departure from SEVP's April 23, 2010 Policy Guidance..."

    Due to this verbiage, OIA recommends speaking with your employer to discuss being hired directly rather than working through a staffing or consulting agency. Applying for a STEM OPT extension while employed by a staffing or consulting agency does carry risk, OIA cannot guarantee that USCIS will find your employee/employer relationship to be a bona fide relationship, thus approving your application. 

  • When can I apply for my 24-month STEM extension?

    You may apply for your 24-month STEM OPT extension 90 days prior to your 12-month OPT expiration date through the OPT expiration date (printed on your EAD card).

  • I don’t live in Indianapolis anymore. How can I get my new I-20?

    See Step 4 above—you can request your new I-20 in iStart in the “24-Month STEM OPT Extension Request” e-form. Then, we will mail or FedEx your new I-20 original to you.

  • Can I travel abroad while waiting for STEM OPT approval?

    We do not recommend that you travel outside of the U.S. while your STEM extension application is pending.

  • What are the employer reporting requirements during the STEM extension?

    Like on regular OPT, you must report any changes in employment in iStart so that we can keep your SEVIS record accurate. Additionally, during your STEM extension period, we will email you every 6 months to prompt you to update your employment information; this is in accordance with the OPT STEM extension regulations. You will be required to submit updates to your I-983 Training Plan at the 12 month mark of your STEM OPT period and again at the conclusion of your STEM OPT period.

    If you switch employers during your 24-Month OPT period, you will need to submit a new Form I-983 Training Plan to the OIA.