Processing DVs to the Dept of Homeland Security

Important components on the DV are:

  1. Special Handling information is complete
  2. Check Stub note contains the document being processed and the individual who is the subject of this visa application
  3. Supporting documentation - we like to see the application and correspondence between the department and NRA individual describing the nature of the NRA's assignment. This is analogous to an offer letter. This letter is the documentation required by International Services at IU/ IUPUI.Disbursement voucher document overview
  4. For the Payee Name please choose Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services in Laguna Niguel, CA.  This is further down the list.  Do not choose the Indianapolis address.

  5. To complete special handling instructions, check the Special Handling box in the Other Considerations: section (see cursor in image above).  Once checked, a notification pop up window will appear with further instructions.Document overview

  6. Next, go to the Special Handling tab of DV and click the show button.  The button will now show as hide and the following Send Check To information window will be presented.Special handling
  7. Complete the Send Check To information window according to one of following methods.

          a. Check directly delivered to IUPUI Office of International Affairs.Special handling

          b. Check directly delivered to the requesting department.Special handling

       c. Check available for pickup at IUPUI Office of Financial Services. Special handling

7. Next, go to the Notes and Attachments tab of DV and click the show button.  The button will now show as hide and the following Notes and Attachments information window will be presented. Notes and attachments

8. Enter the relevant information in the *Note Text box and click the add button.

    a.  A contact individual at IU in the department.

    b.  Contact information – phone number or office number for the IU contact.

    c.  Good to also include that the check must accompany a petition form.

The notes would be in a similar manner as shown in the image below. 

Notes and attachments

Note: If OIA requests the checks and you believe we should have received them already (allow 3 weeks from IU-B), you will need to contact FMS DV Help to check on the status of your request.  They will not notify you if something is outstanding.