Aetna Insurance

IUPUI wants to protect our students, so does the insurance company.

IUPUI and IU have done extensive research to find an insurance plan that is both economical and offers students good insurance coverage. Don't be fooled, there are many plans out there that may try to trick you into thinking you are getting a good plan, but many of those offer sub-par or inadequate coverage. IU/IUPUI have chosen Aetna as our insurance carrier because Aetna protects our students and prevents large medical costs.

Insurance in the U.S. can be extremely confusing and very different from your home country. We've created some resources to help you navigate the health care system here in the U.S.

First, it really helps to understand insurance terms. See our glossary of important insurance terms here »

Understand what the Aetna plan offers you. You can find a plan summary and a detailed explanation of coverage here »

When you do need medical care, be sure you are going to the right place. To help control costs, do NOT go to the Emergency Room (or ER) unless it is an emergency. For more advice on where to go, look here »

Do you still have insurance questions? We can help you answer them.

What services does Aetna provide?

  • Preventive Care

    This includes things like vaccinations and immunizations, annual physicals, and regular doctor appointments. Women are covered for annual well-women visits and contreceptives if desired.

  • Pre-existing condition coverage

    In the U.S. many cheaper plans do not provide coverage for any kind of pre-existing condition or sickness that you have been diagnosed with before. Aetna will cover all your medical costs even if you have a continuing or already diagnosed medical problem.

  • Prescription Coverage

    Aetna includes prescription coverage in their plan with no cost limit. Ask your doctor to prescribe 'generic' medications for you, which will likely cost only $10 for a 30-day supply.

  • Maternity care

    Aetna covers maternity care regardless of when/where the baby was conceived. This covers the expenses related to pre-natal care, delivery, complications, and the short period of time after the birth of your baby that it will take to add your child to your coverage.

  • Behavioral Health

    Aetna covers things like counseling and disability testing as well as alcohol/drug related treatment.

  • Serious injuries or accidents

    Aetna covers your medical costs in the event that you have a serious injury/accident (like a car accident).

  • Sports and athletics

    Aetna will provide coverage for injuries caused by participating in sports (even intramural or intercollegiate sports). Most other insurance companies will not.

  • Physical therapy

    Aetna includes coverage for short-term rehabilitation or physical therapy when it is prescribed by your doctor.

Does the insurance come with any non-medical benefits?

Yes! one of the reasons IUPUI selected Aetna was all the other benefits that Aetna povides:

  • OnCall International

    OnCall International can provide a range of help for:

    • Worldwide medical information and assistance
        • Travel assistance
        • Emergency travel assistance for you or your family (in the case you are injured)
    • Help with lost travel documents
    • Assistance with replacement of lost credit cards/traveler's checks
    • Legal consultation and referals
    • Delayed baggage tracking and assistance
    • Evacuation for political reasons
    • Evacuation due to disasters
    • Prescription drug replacement (if you lose your prescriptions, they can help you get more medicine quickly)

    You can find a more detailed summary of OnCall's services here

  • 24-Hour Nurse Line

    Not sure if you need to go to the doctor or the Emergency Room (also called the ER)? Call the 24-hour nurse line. You can talk with a registered nurse about any health related issue on your mind. They will help answer your question and make smart decisions about your health. Learn more  »

  • Large Preferred Provider Network

    In the U.S., most insurance companies have a 'preferred provider network' or 'in-network doctors'. This simply means that they contract with certain doctors to provide care to their patients at a reduced cost to the insurance companies.

    This means you should always use a preferred or in-network provider. Aetna has a very large list of doctors that they consider to be preferred providers, which means that you see a lower cost of your visit/care.

    Find an Aetna Preferred Provider  »

    You can search for a specific type of doctor, doctor's gender, or even geographical location.

  • Online Medical Portal

    You can log into Aetna's system anywhere with internet access to help manage your insurance plan.

    Visit Aetna Student Health »

    Select "Indiana University International Students and Scholars" as your school in the purple box. You will need your IUPUI University ID number and your date of birth to log on.

  • Health Discounts and Resources

    Aetna provides discounts on things like gym memberships, weight loss programs, and vision exams. Details can be found here.

Does IUPUI make any money from Aetna?

No! IUPUI does not get any money from Aetna. We have selected this company to be our insurance carrier for students because we want to protect your health. We want to protect our students from large unexpected medical bills and at the same time ensure that every student has adequate healthcare. We want to keep you safe!

How much does Aetna cost?

A premium is the amount it will cost you to enroll in the insurance plan - these are typically yearly amounts. The full year premium amount for the 18-19 academic year is only $1799. The premium for the fall semester (August 1 - December 31, 2018) is $756. The premium for the spring and summer semester (January 1 - July 31, 2019) is $1043. 

The annual deductible on the Aetna plan is low for the U.S. You will pay $500 worth of medical costs before your insurance will pay benfits. Every year, you will start a new deductible. Once you have paid $500 in medical costs in a coverage year (August - July), you will pay only 20% of the cost Aetna contracts. 

Annually, you will pay no more than $2000 for medical care (after your premium amount) - this means if you have a serious injury that requires repeated and costly medical care, you will only pay $2,000. Aetna will cover the rest, even if it is $1,000,000. This is called your out-of-pocket max.

For help understanding more insurance terms, see our Glossary of Health Insurance Terms.