If the applicant is already in the U.S. and accompanied by dependents who need to attain or extend H-4 dependent status, the employee will indicate information in the "IUPUI H-1B Applicant Information" E-Form and upload or send the following documents to OIA:

  1. Original I-539 form and Supplement, if necessary. Please note this form should be completed and signed by the spouse (seeking H-4 status) or the oldest dependent. The H-1B should not be included on this form.  OIA will file the necessary documents for the H-1B beneficiary.

    If the oldest dependent is under age 14, it can be signed by the employee. However, the answers should be given from the perspective of the dependent. The employee should sign both signature sections.

    Please use OIA's address in Section 4a. of the form I-539 (c/o IUPUI Office of International Affairs, 902 W. New York St., ES 2126, Indianapolis, IN 46202).

    Your physical address (5a) is your home address in U.S.

  2. The filing fee for form I-539 is $370 USD. Additionally each applicant listed on the I-539 must pay an $85 biometric services fee. The filing fee and the biometric fee ($85 per applicant) should be combined in one check. This fee may be paid by the department or employee. Each I-539 applicant will then be notified when and where to appear for fingerprinting once the petition has been submitted to USCIS.

    The following documents can be uploaded to the Atlas system or provided in paper copies when submitting the forms above.

  3. Copy of I-94s (front and back) of all dependents;

  4. Copy of passport showing biographical information and expiration date;

  5. Copy of all forms verifying current visa status: I-20 if in F status; DS-2019's if in J status;

  6. Copy of any USCIS Approval Notices and/or employment authorizations for dependents;

  7. Copy of documentation verifying family relationship: visa page showing principal's name, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc. (one document is sufficient for each dependent). If the orignal is in a foreign language please provide both the orignal and an English translation. See:  for an example.

  8. Copy of passport, I-94 and other documents supporting visa status of the principal applicant (H-1B).

Regardless of the H-1B's approval period, H-4 status will not be granted to dependent children beyond the dependent's 21st birthday. If a dependent is a full-time university student, the dependent may be able to change to F-1 status.

If the dependents are not in the U.S., no paperwork is required for the dependents. Please contact OIA for additional information on how the dependents can acquire H-4 status.

It is important to know the dependents’ projected travel plans before we file the petition.  Should the dependent leave the U.S. once the petition is filed, it may affect their ability to be approved for H-4 status.