iStart Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is iStart?

    iStart is your online portal to most resources you will need through the Office of International Affairs. You can access your iStart account at During the application process you can use iStart to:

    • Submit electronic documents
    • Check status of application
    • Update your application
    • Track your admission packet
    • Transfer your I-20
  • When can I access iStart?

    You may access iStart once you have successfully completed your online application and have received an email with your 10 digit University ID and Limited Access PIN.

    Timeline: It may take several days to receive the email with your login information after you submit your online application. Graduate students can access iStart after they have been initially admitted into their program.

  • How do I log into iStart?

    1. Go to  
    2. Select ‘Limited Services’ within the Limited Services for Students & Scholars box. 

      Limited Service Log into iStart

    3. Enter University Identification Number (UID). This will usually start with a “200,” but can also start with a “0003,” “0002,” or “0001.”’
    4. Enter your date of birth.
    5. Enter your Limited Access PIN, which can be found in the first email received from OIA
    6. Login 

    logging into istart

  • How do I find my University Identification Number (UID)?

    You will receive your 10 digit University Identification Number (UID) after you apply. Your 10 digit UID can be found on any admission email sent from the Office of International Affairs. If you cannot find an email sent to you by OIA, you can email

  • How do I find my Limited Access PIN when I cannot find an email with it?

    At the bottom of the login page for iStart (see FAQ ‘How do I log into iStart’), you can click ‘E-mail me my Limited Access PIN.’ Enter your University Identification Number (UID) and a new PIN will be emailed to you. 

  • Why am I unable log into iStart?

    You will not be able to log onto iStart until you have a 10 digit University Identification Number (UID) & Limited Access PIN. Your UID and Limited Access PIN will be sent to the email account you listed on your submitted online application. It may take several days for you to receive an email with your UID and Limited Access PIN (usually between 2-3 business days).

    If you have received an email with your UID and Limited Access PIN and still cannot log on, you should first do the following:

    • Check to make sure you are on the Login to iStart - Limited Services screen and not Full Client Services (Full Client Services is for currently enrolled students only)
    • Check to make sure you are entering your UID, date of birth, or Limited Access PIN correctly.
    • Check to make sure the way you entered date of birth on the online application matches what you enter on the log-in. Remember in the US, it goes: Month, Day, Year.
    • If you have attempted to log on and failed three times, a new Limited Access PIN has been assigned to you. A new Limited Access PIN will be emailed to you (see FAQ ‘How do I find my Limited Access PIN’). It may take up to 48 hours to receive a new Limited Access PIN.
  • What does the iStart legend mean?

    istart legend

    The legend notifies you on the status of your documents in iStart. Here are some of the common meanings for the legend:

    Incomplete: You have yet to submit a document.

    Optional: You may be required to submit this document after we reviewed your file.

    Complete: You have submitted the document. Please be aware that after you have submitted your document it needs to be reviewed, so return to iStart to ensure the document was approved. If the document was not sufficient, the status will be updated to ‘Follow-Up Required’ or ‘Denied.’

    Draft: Your document has been started but not submitted. If you are ready to submit the document, be sure to click ‘Submit,’ not ‘Save Draft.’

    Submit Another: For certain forms such as Add a Dependent, you may need to submit more than one. You will see this option after you have submitted the form at least once.

    Not Yet Available: This form will not be available to you until later in the process. Please check back later.

    Pending Review: This item is in line for review.

    Follow-Up Required: Your document was reviewed and requires additional information.

    Routed to a 3rd Party: You filled out this form and it was sent to the individual you listed on the form. We are waiting for them to complete their section of the form.

    Denied: The document you sent was not approved. 

  • After I log into iStart, how do I upload documents if I cannot find the right checklist?

    If you are currently enrolled in a different program, you may see a screen like this when you log in:

    iStart Services Home Page

    Please follow the steps below to enable the checklist. 

    1. Click on “Biographical Information”, and then “Select a Campus” 
    2. Select “Indianapolis” and submit. 

      Select Campus

    3. The checklist for IUPUI will pop up in few seconds. You can  upload your documents from this screen.

      Master Checklist

  • I applied to multiple IU campuses. How do I see application information for each campus?

    1. From your iStart Master Checklist page, click ‘Change Campus.’

      Change your campus view 

    2. Select the campus you would like to view
    3. Click ‘Submit’

    *If you are a current/returning student you may have to change your application via biographical information located on the lower right corner of your page.

    select a campus

  • I applied to multiple programs. How do I see application information for each program?

    This function would be used if you have applied to multiple programs within a campus.

    1. From your iStart Master Checklist page, click ‘Change Application.’
    2. Select the applications you’d like to change.

    change application

  • How do I upload documents?

    1. Log into iStart (see FAQ ‘How do I log into iStart’)
    2. Select item you’d like to submit documents to upload

    3. Click ‘Browse’ and select your document you have saved on your computer. Fill out any additional information on the form. If you have multiple files you are submitting for a document, let’s say transcripts from multiple schools, combine all documents into one PDF file before submitting.
    4. Check the certification box (if required)
    5. Submit document

    Submit official academic records

  • How do I check my documents’ status?

    Once logged on to iStart, you may check the status of individual documents submitted to the OIA. The checklist will look different for freshman, transfer, and graduate students. A freshman checklist is captured below.


  • How do I update my application information?

    If you are applying to be a graduate student, please contact your department. If you are applying to be an undergraduate student, follow these instructions:

    1. From iStart Master Checklist page, click on the admissions box
    2. Select ‘Application Update’
    3. Update application information and click ‘Submit’

    update application information

  • How do I check my application status?

    An academic eligibility, acceptance, or denial email will be sent to you once a decision has been made. If you received an email informing you that your Academically Eligible or Admissions Letter is on iStart, you may log on to view it (see FAQ ‘How do I log onto iStart’).

    view Academically Eligible Letter

  • How do I check my admission packet status?

    Once you have received your Admissions Letter email, you may log onto iStart (see FAQ ‘How do I log onto iStart’) and see if your admissions packet was mailed.  You will also receive a FedEx tracking number from our office if your postal address is overseas.

    admission packet has been mailed

  • How do I transfer my I-20?

    1. After you have been admitted, log into iStart and complete the “Submit SEVIS Transfer In Request” form under the “Complete Your Application” tab
    2. After you complete the first part of the “Submit SEVIS Transfer In Request” form, it will be routed to your International Student Advisor at your current school
    3. Your International Student Advisor at your current school will need to complete the second part of this form and release your SEVIS record to IUPUI

    Once steps 1-3 have been completed, then we can transfer your SEVIS record and issue you a new I-20.

    submit SEVIS transfer in request