Yarzar Tun


School Year:  Junior

Major(s): Finance

Team: Incredibles

Languages: Tamil, Telugu, Burmese, English

Major(s): Finance and Economics

Awards: Kelley honors, Dean’s List, International Ambassador Award

Hobbies: Soccer, Snooker, Billiards, Reading, Fishing

Why did you become a mentor: When I first came to the United States, it was the first phase of my life staying away from my family in a different place. I had a lot of challenges and fear of communicating. But I had an incredible mentor from IPMP who provide me with guidance letting me the person whom I am today. A tree can only grow to its fullest potential if the correct nutrients, water, air, temperature, and light is received. As a mentor, I want to ensure that all incoming international students receive the right guidance to upsurge to their fullest potential.

Bio: I am born and raise up in Myanmar having Indian descent and I came to the United States to study Computer Science until I realize that I prefer seeing dollar sign then seeing binary codes which is why changed my major to Finance. I enjoy playing billiard and soccer with my friends. Every individual has different attitudes on life, and I love hearing to all those unique perspectives. I am also always grateful for society to let me have wonderful people in my life and I am looking forward to meet more people.

Best place to eat: Hyderabad House, Milk-tooth

Favorite spot on campus: Ruth Lilly Law Library