Mariam Sylla


School Year: Senior

Major(s): Health Services Management, French

Team: Genie

Languages: English, French, Sussu, Malinke, Jakanke Dioula, Bambara

Awards: Dean’s List, IUPUI Top 100, Outstanding Undergraduate Student Leader, Outstanding Multicultural Leader, Top French Scholar, Greek Goddess Scholarship, Resident Assistant Rookie of the Year Award

Hobbies: Cooking and Shopping

Why did you become a mentor: When I first came to the USA, I did not have a mentor to guide me. I couldn’t speak English. It was very hard then, especially if you don’t have enough support, also college can be overwhelming.Being here to help other students transition and be there to support them to make their experience successful, so they can be comfortable and have the best time. So when I heard about IPMP I was so happy and want to be there for other international students like me.

Bio: I was born and grew up in Guinea, I move to Belgium for two years before coming to the US. I am the oldest of 5 children. I am a peer health educator and I am very involved in different student organizations on campus. I am very friendly, and I have a passion for everything I do.

Favorite thing about IUPUI: A great campus, it has so many resource to help student succeed for example the Math Assistant Center, the Writing Center...It is very diverse and inclusive. There is always something to do: events, resource tables… Some of my favorites events are Regatta the canoe race, International Festival and Fashion show, Jagapalooza our traditional carnival fair, African Student Association Night, Asia Heritage Fashion show. Other than that, I also have a lot of mentors and I always go to their offices and they are always there for me.

Best place to eat: There are so many good places to go to eat. I have a very diverse friends and we go to different places to try different food from different culture, some of those places are: Thai recipe, Indian Palace, Ryan's Restaurant, Bento, Jiallo's African/Caribbean Restaurant, Magoo’s California Pizza Place….