Rachel Surridge


School Year: Senior

Major(s): Biomedical Engineering 

Team: Simba

Languages: English, German

Awards: IUPUI Top 100 Student, Bepko Scholar

Hobbies: portrait art, fiction writing, reading, cooking, playing video games

Bio: I was born and grew up in Indiana, but I'm a dual-citizen of the UK and US (my dad is British). I'm an artist at heart and I create to tell stories, appreciate others, and learn more about myself. I really value my faith, my family, my friendships, creativity, empathy, and excellence. I love a good one-on-one conversation over a cup of tea, and I believe that every person's story is important.

Why I became a mentor: I became a mentor because I am so grateful for the influence, insight, and friendship of our international students. I wanted to give back by helping them feel valued, welcomed, and appreciated at IUPUI.

Favorite Spot on Campus: The second floor of the Herron School for Art and Design, or the Medical School Library

Best Place to eat in Indy: Biryani Hut and Jasmine Thai