Eric Schleter


School Year: Senior

Major(s): Physical Education, Teacher Education

Team: Robin Hood

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

Hobbies: I love traveling, hiking/adventure activities, doing triathlons, painting, reading, and exploring language and culture.

Why I became a mentor: I became a mentor for many reasons - to give back to IUPUI/OIA for the rich and valuable experiences that they have led me through, to facilitate a successful and wonderful time at IUPUI for our international mentees, and to grow and gain more experience in international affairs so that I may represent both IUPUI and the United States in the future to the best of my abilities.

Bio: I am currently studying Physical Education Teacher Education, Health Education, and Wellness Coaching. I am also a certified personal trainer, and I plan to teach English abroad after I graduate from IUPUI. I love traveling and exploring new cultures, as well as being physically active. I also enjoy a variety of activities such as cooking, painting, writing, photography, and playing music.

Favorite thing about IUPUI: I absolutely love our wide variety of interesting and valuable clubs and organizations. Dance teams, cultural outings, arts and crafts - we have it all!

Best place to eat in Indy: Heidelberg Haus is so cool! But there are so so many good places to eat in Indy.