Ayesha Pandey


School Year: Sophomore

Major(s):  Marketing

Team: Incredibles

Languages: English, Hindi

Major: Marketing

Awards: Kelley School of Business Dean’s List, Honorable Mention for G-131 Academic Paper, Best Chair for IMUN

Hobbies: I absolutely love traveling to new places! Besides that, I enjoy listening to music, cooking and baking. Does binge-watching conspiracy theories count too?

Why did you become a mentor: Being an international student, leaving everything back in Dubai and traveling half-way across the world to go to university was always one of my biggest fears. Amongst all of that, I found my first friends who I can now call family here at IPMP. Not only did my mentors help me in transition into my new life here, but also supported me throughout. I want to give back to this very community by guiding, supporting and encouraging new mentees!

Bio: I was born in Mumbai, India but spent the next 17 years of my life growing up in Dubai, UAE. For someone who loves writing and poetry, I’m often at a loss of words when it comes to describing myself. I’m the kind of person who likes to stay indoors in my PJ’s and talk and joke around with my closest friends for hours on end. At the same time, I’m the kind of person who likes to go out, try new food and take tons of unnecessary pictures. Something that I’ve always been passionate about was business, and studying at the Kelley School of Business is what brought me all the way here, to IUPUI. I love being involved on campus, giving back to the community and being there for others; which is exactly what I feel IPMP is about and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

Favorite spot on campus: The stairs that lead up to the entrance that connects the Kelley Building and the University Library; or the Wood Fountain not too far from it.

Best place to go in Indianapolis: The canal when it’s warm outside, there are TONS of dogs to pet! (Did I mention how much I love dogs?)