Hafsa Naeem


School Year: Junior

Major(s): Mathematics

Team: Simba

Languages: English, Urdu

Awards: Mathematics Spirit Award, School of Science Dean's List, School of Science Scholar's List

Hobbies: Reading novels, swimming

Why did you become a mentor: I was a mentee in IPMP two years ago and my mentors helped me find my family in the US at a time when I missed my actual family back home in Pakistan. Just as I was wholly welcomed into my new home, I want to ensure new international students find a sense of belonging here.

Bio: I'm an international student from Pakistan and I've been a part of the IPMP family for two years now, first as a mentee and then as a mentor. I loved it so much that now I'm back as a mentor again! I lived in the US with my family for five years from 1st grade to 5th grade and I'm used to both Pakistani and American cultures so I got the best of both worlds! Till now, life has led me to value family, friendship, spirituality, patience and empathy. I can't wait to guide incoming students and learn more from the unique students I will mentor!

Favorite thing about IUPUI: the wonderful people!

Best place to eat: Hyderabad House