Anam Mukhtar

USA and Pakistan

School Year: Senior

Major(s): Psychology

Team: Saturn

Languages:  English & Urdu

Hobbies: Absolutely love cooking for the thrill of being immersed in another culture through a single dish, riding my bike, and trying out different cultural restaurants!

Why did you become a mentor: About 20 years ago, my parents left their home country, Pakistan, to come to the United States for a better future and limitless opportunities. The beginning years of settling in were tough, but with the help of mentors in our life, my family was able to overcome challenges and become more comfortable in this new country. As a result of those mentors, I would like to continue this beautiful cycle of mentorship and be able to support and advise international students.

Bio:  I was born in Islamabad, Pakistan, and moved to the United States when I was very little. I was raised in a small town in Plainfield, Indiana surrounded by farms and cornfields. I come from a big family back home in Pakistan and visit every couple of years. I enjoy being immersed in different cultures and staying connected to my Pakistani roots through my mother's cooking and stories. I also love meeting new people and connecting with them and really look forward to being an IPMP mentor!

What is one piece of advice you'd like to give to new Freshmen: Try to be honest and authentic with yourself and surround yourself around good energy and people that will allow you to accomplish your goals!

Favorite place to eat in Indy: Magoo's California Pizza (halal)