Krishna Mudaliar


School Year: Junior

Team: Mercury

Major(s): Accounting & Finance

Hobbies: I love hanging out with people, joking around, learning more about people, and playing soccer.

Why did you become a mentor: Coming into IUPUI I was fascinated by how impressive my first year of college had been, and how smoothly I had transitioned into IUPUI from another country. All of this would not have been possible without the International Peer Mentoring Program. Therefore, I wanted to give back to the program I loved so dearly!

Bio: I was born in Dubai and lived there for my whole life until I joined IUPUI on Jan 1st, 2018. I am the youngest child and I have two elder sisters that I have been very close to growing up. I spent most of my childhood days playing soccer and grew up addicted to the sport. I love understanding and learning about different people and their backgrounds, and I love making people feel comfortable around me. I am quite committed and dedicated in what I set my mind to achieve and believe in the idea of constant growth.

Favorite spot on Campus: The Campus Center

Best place to eat in Indy: Eagles