Danielle Metangmo


School Year: Junior

Major(s): Chemistry

Team: Jupiter

Languages: French & English

Hobbies: Baking and painting

Why did you become a mentor? moved to the USA at a very young age and as I grew up, I did not have anyone to help guide me and teach me the American culture. I did not speak English which made things more difficult. I struggled to learn things on my own over time but I eventually got the hang of things. Having to go through something like this on top of experiencing college for the first time can be overwhelming. I became a mentor because I would like to use my knowledge and experiences to help other students succeed at IUPUI. I want to be there to help and support students, more specifically international students, as they transition into this new chapter of their lives. I would also like to learn from these students as well as their experiences and learn more about the world around me. IPMP will be a great opportunity for me to do all of this. I look forward to everything that this experience has to offer.

Bio: I have spent the majority of my life in Indiana but my family and I are originally from Cameroon. I am involved around campus with different organizations, residential life, and mentoring programs. I am very kind and friendly so don’t be afraid to say hi because it will definitely make my day and I hope yours as well.

Favorite spot on campus: Hands down the Multicultural center, more specifically the United Suites. This is the office where many of the student organizations are located. You meet so many great people from different cultural backgrounds. I feel like when I am not in class or busy elsewhere, I am in the United Suites meeting new people and hanging out with friends.

Best place to eat in Indy: Mass Ave has many great places to eat such as Goodfellas, The Eagle, The Garden Table, Moar Tea, Latea, and much more.