Hope Leonard


School Year:  Sophomore

Major(s): Music Technology

Team: neptune

Languages: English

Hobbies: I love to cook and one of my deepest passions is music. I enjoy several other activities, but most notable would be my collection of 200+ VHS tapes!

Why did you become a mentor: I believe that academics should be the only obstaclesomeone faces in furthering their education. Social and cultural identities should not hinder astudent from obtaining a college degree. As mentors, we are able to guide international studentsin the adjustment to IUPUI and the US while also broadening our own horizons through ourmentees and co-mentors. I am excited to help guide international students just as I am lookingforward to learning from them.

Bio: I grew up in Elkhart, IN and I have three younger sisters. I have lived my entire life in America and I am blessed to have been exposed tovarious American lifestyles since my family is from all over the country including Texas, Massachusetts, and even Oregon!

Favorite spot on campus: The Lower Level of the LIbrary in the Honors College Lounge

Best place to eat in Indy: One of my favorite places to take my friends and family is a restaurant just north of campus called Yats. They serve great cajun food! I am also a barista at the local coffee shop Copper Moon so come see me sometime!