Kaitlyn Krell


School Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Nursing

Team: Venus

Languages: English

Hobbies: My hobbies include playing tennis, guitar, going on adventures outside, traveling around the world, and spending lots of time making memories with my friends!

Why did you become a mentor: I became a mentor to learn more about peoples cultures and backgrounds!! I also love to share my knowledge of Indianapolis and help others feel right at home in Indy!!

Bio: I have lived in Indiana and Pennsylvania my whole life, coming from a relatively small but very close family. I absolutely love meeting new people and listening to their stories!! Being outside, playing music, and being together with my friends and family is what makes me most happy!

Favorite thing about IUPUI: My favorite thing about IUPUI is the people and location ! Everyone has always been so friendly and positive since I’ve been here. Also being in the city location also means there is always something new to experience!

Best place to eat in Indy: The best spot to eat in Indy is anywhere on Mass Ave, like Goodfellas or the Garden Table and if you love donuts like I do, then definitely try out General American Donut!!