Rishi Gireesh


School Year: Senior

Major(s): Marketing, Management

Team: Simba

Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Arabic

Major: Marketing and Management

Awards: Kelley School of Business Dean's List

Hobbies: Adventure activities, sports, music and reading

Why did you become a mentor: My mentors had a great influence on my transition to college and they made it super easy for me to make myself accustomed to the campus and the American culture and I wanted to pass on the knowledge and maybe hope to bring out a positive difference in at least one person's life

Bio: I was born in Kerala, India, a small state down south of India, famous for its backwaters and scenic locations and had to move to Dubai at a very young age, and finished up my schooling there, before I decide to come to the US to live the american dream and achieve big. Family has always been an integral part of my life and I try my best to visit them often. Sports have been on the top of my list of hobbies, and I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively and I cannot thank enough for the experiences it has taught me. If you're reading this, I'm super excited to welcome you to IUPUI and hope to see you soon.

Favorite thing about IUPUI: Definitely the vast majority of International students on campus

Best place to eat: Hyderbad House and Panda Express