Natalia del Rocio Garcia Godinez


School Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Energy Engineering

Team: Saturn

Languages: English & Spanish

Hobbies: I love baking, cooking, and trying foods from around the world! I have a huge passion for painting and doing artsy crafts, as well as being outside and hiking new trails or swimming. 

Why did you become a mentor: Being born in Mexico, I understand what it feels like being away from your home country and customs. I want to be able to share my experiences and knowledge to incoming international students and facilitate their arrival to the United States. My mentor as a freshman guided me and helped me so much through my first year, so I would love the opportunity to give back to this program and make other students feel welcome!

Bio: I was born in Queretaro, MX but lived half of my life in San Miguel de Allende, MX. Due to my father's work opportunities, I would move back and forth from San Miguel to Seymour, IN, where I attended middle school and high school as a teenager. I decided to attend IUPUI because of the urban community, professional opportunities, and the diversity that Indianapolis offered. I love traveling and meeting new people from all around the world.

Favorite spot on campus: the swimming pool at the Nat

Best place to eat in Indy: Indianapolis City Market - love the crepes, bakeries, and the tamales, huge variety of food!!