Julia Cilleruelo Fernandez del Moral


School Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Energy Engineering

Team: Stitch

Languages: Spanish, English

Awards: Plater Scholar, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology Outstanding Student Scholar, Alternative Break Trip Leader, Global Jag, Engineering Student Council

Hobbies: taking naps and encouraging people to take them; eating foods from all around the world; talking, talking and talking to people, and finally, dancing, especially flamenco (a Spanish dance).

Why did you become a mentor? I was a mentee last year and thanks to IPMP I felt very welcomed on campus and supported. The program gave me the confidence and the push I needed to start to get involved and encouraged me to meet new people. Now, I want to be the support I received from my mentors and help new international students with my experience or anything they need.

Bio: I have lived in Madrid, Spain until last year, when I came to study in IUPUI. I absolutely love being involved on campus through different clubs and organizations, and volunteering for different communities. I am known to be the loud, funny Spanish girl on campus, and I am always trying to meet new people and expand my network. Making people laugh and cheering them up are some of the things I enjoy the most doing, but I can also talk for hours about important and serious topics that matter to me or the people around me.

Favorite spot on Indianapolis: Mass Ave

Favorite thing about IUPUI: the close, welcoming international community and of course IPMP!