Amal Bhaskaran


School Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Energy Engineering

Team: Robin Hood

Languages: English, Malayalam, and Hindi

Awards: Chancellor's Scholar, Purdue School of Science Dean's List, Fall 2018

Hobbies: Going on long walks, listening to music, debating on the most random topics, watching movies and TV shows, finally and the most important one, hanging out with friends. Does sleeping count?...

Why did you become a mentor: Being an Ex-Mentee I cannot stress enough how much my mentors helped me adjust to university life and helped me get out and be an active participant in university activities and clubs. Some of my best memories were with IPMP, This is what I wish to replicate for incoming International students. I want to try and become a catalyst for the incoming International students to succeed and be there when they need someone.

Bio: Born in Kasaragod, Kerala, But grew up and did all my education in Sharjah, U.A.E (I'm the usual Mallu). I have a 13-year-old sister, who turned out okayish (I hope). Grew up with one basic principle guiding me, service to others and helping everyone around me succeed. I made my close friends because of a short film (kinda silly but this is why I tell everyone grab every opportunity you get). Being a Non-resident Indian, I grew up in a very culturally diverse environment and this helped me understand different people better. Trying to live my life making fun memories with everyone and doing the best I can to help everyone.

Best place to eat: Hyderabad House and Petra Cafe

Something to keep in mind: There is nothing you can not do, just things that you do more badly than others. When you get to IUPUI, explore, find new friends, new activities, new strengths and weaknesses you never knew about yourself. Take this opportunity and use it to your best abilities and push yourself, And most importantly Find What Make You...You!